30 Things "Brooklyn Girls" Do, According To This Ridiculous Music Video

    For starters, they LOVE crop tops and gentrification.

    On July 15, singer Catey Shaw released a music video for her song "Brooklyn Girls."

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    It's an in-depth probe into what exactly a Brooklyn Girl is, disguised as a sweet pop song. Basically, it sounds like the soundtrack for a line of Brooklyn clothing that would be sold at Kohls?

    To help you understand just how Brooklyn Girls are, here's a rundown of their key traits, according to the video.

    1. They're fly.

    2. They wear combat boots in the summer.

    3. They have a dangerous fire when they walk.

    4. They have their own style.

    5. You'll get lost in their mystery.

    6. If you're not already destroyed by her fire walk.

    7. They own the city TONIGHT.

    8. They rule the world when they walk in.

    9. They're tough and pretty.

    10. They break the rules.

    11. They like to dance in front of graffiti covered buildings.

    12. They have dip-dyed blue hair.

    13. They get it on in the bathroom.

    14. They wear face gems.

    15. Sometimes they hang out on the Lower East Side.

    16. They'll freeze up your popsicle which seems unnecessary, tbh.

    17. They wear black lipstick.

    18. They're prissy.

    19. They play rough and gritty.

    20. They run the island.

    21. They sit on stoops with their friends.

    22. They wear maxi skirts.

    23. Everyone wants to catch their kitty.

    24. They wear gold chains.

    25. They wait for the L train.

    26. They take flash photography.

    27. They have nose-piercings.

    28. They have top-knots.

    29. Their zip code is 11206 — South Williamsburg.

    20. Their existence has an Instagram filter-like sheen to it.

    21. They drink on top of brownstone roofs.

    22. They have some sick tats.

    23. They wear rompers.

    24. They like to cut each other's T-shirts.

    25. Their night parties have Christmas lights.

    26. They wear floral Ray Bans.

    27. They drink tallboy beers while they dance.

    28. They are mad into crop tops.

    29. They root for the Brooklyn Nets because they live in Brooklyn and take Brooklyn lines and are a Brooklyn Girl.

    30. They make music videos like this.

    Sorry, Charles Hamilton, it's 2014.

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