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    13 Nonconformist Anthems From The 2000s You Forgot About


    1. Good Charlotte, "The Anthem"

    For when you're sick of: Your high school, people telling you to get a real job.

    They don't wanna be: Just like you, just like them, just like another trend.

    Preferred listening situation: Loitering at the skate park.

    For when you're sick of: Jocks, preps, hippie fuckin scumbags, your mom, your dad.

    They don't wanna be: Like them.

    Preferred listening situation: On your headphones during detention.

    For when you're sick of: People who are well dressed, people having sex, people with money, celebrities, oh my god just about anything that reminds you of high school because that place SUCKS.

    They don't wanna be: Back in high school, that's for sure.

    Preferred listening situation: Stalking your high school crush on Facebook even though you graduated three years ago.

    4. Green Day, "Minority"

    For when you're sick of: Authority.

    They don't wanna be: The majority...duh.

    Preferred listening situation: Arguing with your parents at the dinner table about legalizing weed.

    For when you're sick of: Suburbia, people telling you what to do, yourself.

    They don't wanna be: Like you.

    Preferred listening situation: Wasting time at your part-time job at your local mall's Hot Topic.

    6. Sum 41, "Fat Lip"

    For when you're sick of: Acting your age, being told to wait your turn, people counting on you.

    They don't wanna be: Another casualty of society.

    Preferred listening situation: High school parking lot while cutting chemistry class.

    7. Paramore, "Misery Business"

    For when you're sick of: A girl who's dating the boy you like.

    They don't wanna be: Like a million other girls.

    Preferred listening situation: Writing a really mean Myspace bulletin about someone you're jealous of.

    8. Jimmy Eat World, "The Middle"

    For when you're sick of: Trying to be something you're not.

    They don't wanna be: Someone who "buys in" to society.

    Preferred listening situation: At a wild house party but, like, a cool one.

    For when you're sick of: The lack of morality in the world, empty promises.

    They don't wanna be: Someone who just does what they're told.

    Preferred listening situation: Complaining about how boring everyone is on your Livejournal.

    10. Avril Lavigne, "Sk8er Boi"

    For when you're sick of: Girls being superficial.

    She doesn't wanna be: Some judgey girl who does ballet.

    Preferred listening situation: Singing to yourself in the mirror while you pick out your favorite skinny tie.

    11. Sugarcult, "Stuck In America"

    For when you're sick of: The USA! USA! USA!

    They don't wanna be: In the same place they can't escape.

    Preferred listening situation: Loudly at a 4th of July barbeque.

    12. Goldfinger, "Spokesman"

    For when you're sick of: Spokespeople and poseurs.

    They don't wanna be: Alone.

    Preferred listening situation: Refusing to take the SATs because they're sooo stupid.

    13. Say Anything, "Admit It"

    For when you're sick of: Basically all people to walk this Earth.

    They don't wanna be: A fraud, a faker, a faux-intellectual, a pseudo-bohemian, a hipster, someone who cares about trends.

    Preferred listening situation: People watching at the mall.