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    Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on May 21, 2014

    10 Songs That Prove Swedes Write The Best Break-Up Songs

    Is it because of those dark gloomy winters? From haunting ballads to carefree tell-offs, Sweden has romantic failure covered.

    1. Lykke Li may never learn when it comes to love, but that's okay...

    Lykke Li's new album I Never Learn is a very literal break-up record, with songs like "Sleeping Alone" and "Never Gonna Love Again." The title track embodies the darker heartache some break-ups bring. Lykke Li croons, "I never learn, I never learn," and it's a totally universal sentiment.

    2. ...because First Aid Kit is here to keep the optimism high.

    Although not overtly about splitting up, First Aid Kit's new song "My Silver Lining" is a moving-on anthem. For being Swedish, the duo has a surprisingly old-school Americana country sound, which only makes this song about "not taking the easy road" out of past regrets and pain more eligible to be a classic.

    3. And Icona Pop knows that break-ups can actually be totally freeing!

    If there are two Swedish pop stars who don't bother with post-break up sadness, it's the duo Icona Pop. Their righteous 2012 hit "I Love It" made it big in America and tackles a romantic falling out with fun. Broken heart? So what! Throw his shit into a bag and push it down the stairs.

    4. Like, so freeing that you'll want to move to Paris with Little Dragon.

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    Little Dragon's recent song "Paris" embodies the feeling of not knowing what to do after a break-up. As singer Yukimi Nagano wonders aloud if a move to Paris will change her mood for good, she sings to a non-present ex: "A part of me drifts away with you and will never return.”

    5. And if anyone knows when a relationship is over, it's Agnes.

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    Her 2012 song "One Last Time" is a dance floor-worthy track about the moment you realize you're going to break-up rather than the wallowing that may follow. When Agnes lists off the ways she messed things up, it's a powerful release.

    6. The Knife also know how quickly love can slip away.

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    The group's 2003 synth-pop classic "Heartbeats" is about a relationship that could have been. It tells the story of a short-lived relationship's inevitable end, and how easily your heart tricks you into thinking you're in love.

    7. Jens Lekman can help you figure out whether or not you're in a shitty relationship.

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    His 2012, break-up-inspired song "I Know What Love Isn't" may sound cheery on first listen, but its lyrics reveal a much more cynical tone. "A relationship doesn't lie about its intentions and shit," Lekman sings, telling the truth.

    8. And Say Lou Lou know what it's like to be made a fool of.

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    Featuring Aussi singer Chet Faker as a cold, emotionless ex and Swedish group Say Lou Lou as the dumpee, Say Lou Lou's 2013 song "Fool Of Me" plays out like a mini soap opera that you just happen to overhear.

    9. And when it's time for healing, Robyn attacks heartbreak with dance...


    A song that both embodies the perverse feeling of wanting to scope out who you're ex's new significant other is and gain confident independence, Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" is a perfect break-up track from her 2010 album Body Talk. "I'm giving it my all, but I'm not the girl you're taking home," sings Robyn desperately as she watches her beau kiss a new "friend." And how does she cope with that situation? She keeps dancing.

    10. does Niki & The Dove, whose knows a good DJ is the best therapist.

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    On this trippy 2012 song, "DJ, Ease My Mind," Niki disappears on the dance floor, asking the DJ to "play that song again, cause we were in love."