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    18 Times College Dining Halls Tried To Food And Failed Miserably

    *calls Gordon Ramsay*

    1. Neither raw nor "cooked" chicken should ever be purple.

    2. Cinnamon raisin bagels suck to begin with (hot take), but using them as the base for a pizza bagel is WRONG.

    u/mexifro218 / Via

    3. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.

    u/TheLoudestWhisper / Via

    4. It's not delivery, it's Disgusting™.

    5. When I say I want leafy greens, I don't mean the whole garden in which they grew.

    u/GaintoFame / Via

    6. Calling this a chicken salad sandwich is like me going to the gym once a year and calling myself an athlete.

    7. If I saw this in my food, I'd immediately transfer schools.

    u/bulbastard / Via

    8. Those are cinnamon apples — and they need to stay on pastries like the good Lord intended.

    u/Anagalmeshushu / Via

    9. This looks like a meal you'd give a toddler who's being introduced to solid foods.

    10. Ice cream, but make it a health code violation.

    yea...that's a moth in my ice cream... #collegefood

    @nashnweeze / Via Twitter

    11. OK, you're just throwing shit together. Tacos, my ass.

    u/diamondeyes18 / Via

    12. Now we're at the portion of the program called Crimes Against Cheese. First up: this ham sandwich.

    u/mustache_cashstash / Via

    13. How dare you defame the good name of the most classic American food with a SINGLE strip of cheese!!

    u/absolutelycurtainss / Via

    14. Apparently I didn't make myself clear. A burger has a cheese slice. Not some shavings thrown on the top.

    Mount Holyoke College Health Education / Via

    15. OK, so we're getting there. You've got the slice; now you just need to, ya know, melt it.

    16. The cheese? On an end slice?? Nope, sorry, that's wrong.

    u/jrbo / Via

    17. In my most drunken attempts at mac 'n' cheese I have done INFINITELY better than this.

    u/fascinationstreet6 / Via

    18. And last but definitely not least is this "grilled cheese," which looks like someone took a paint roller to a slice of bread.

    u/Hathbert / Via