More than 200 women have accused Brazil's João de Deus — or John of God — of sexually abusive behavior at his "healing center."

Hayes Brown • 21 hours ago

The 91-year old, who founded and co-chaired Russia's oldest human rights organization, passed away over the weekend.

Susie Armitage • 4 days ago

The tax, meant to help reduce drivers’ use of fossil fuels, was previously suspended for six months in the face of weeks of protest.

Hayes Brown • 9 days ago

A video of people in England chanting for Trump is the closest thing we could find to match the claim the president retweeted.

Hayes Brown • 10 days ago

Ada Hegerberg's winning of the first women's Ballon d'Or was marred by sexist comments from DJ Martin Solveig.

Hayes Brown • 11 days ago

The leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia were really glad to see each other in Argentina, even if everyone else was focused on the death and destruction they've been causing.

Hayes Brown • 15 days ago

Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the incoming president, has a mix of Trump Jr.’s family loyalty and Jared Kushner’s policy sway, as seen in his recent visit to Washington.

Hayes Brown • 16 days ago

Ramzan Kadyrov used his brief time back on his favorite app to post an ode to his gun.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

Meduza, where Ivan Kolpakov was editor-in-chief until his resignation over harassment on Friday, was one of the few outlets to cover the #MeToo movement.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

It is currently unclear why the two reporters — on a fact-finding mission for the Committee to Protect Journalists — were taken from their hotel room in the first place.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

The new rule, limited to parts gathered from animals in captivity, has activists concerned about a spike in black market trade.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

Mohammed bin Salman — the heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia who has presented himself as a progressive reformer — has become implicated in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

There are a few things wrong with the president’s claim that the US has the “Cleanest Air in the World — BY FAR!”

Zahra Hirji • One month ago

Misinformation about the migrant caravan started as soon as it entered the news cycle.

Jane Lytvynenko • One month ago

The Epoch Times, a newspaper with links to the Falun Gong movement, is the purest outlet of the Trump movement.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

Lara Alqasem was detained on Oct. 2 upon landing in Israel, despite obtaining a visa to study at Hebrew University.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

The new claims come one day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with the Saudi leadership.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

"It's time to fight back that's what Huey said. Two shots in the dark, now Huey's dead."

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

“It sounded like it might have been rogue killers, who knows — we’re going to try getting to the bottom of it very soon,” the president told reporters.

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

“This took place in Turkey and to the best of our knowledge, Khashoggi is not a US citizen,” Trump told reporters.

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago