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Let's Get Weird

Which rowdy gal are you from Hayes 001?

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  1. You're feelin hungry, what are you gonna grab to eat?

    Granola Bar
  2. What is your drink of choice?

    Rum with any mixy
    Dragonberry Bacardi
    Anything that's not a shot
  3. Where do you end up after Clancy's?

    At my boyfriends
    With a Phi Delt
    Who knows
    In Tessa and Rylie's room looking for food
  4. What is your topic of conversation at Smith brunch?

    The hickeys on your neck
    Too hungover to talk
    "Guys what should I eat??"
    What went down in the SigEp kitchen last night
  5. What song do you instantly play when you get the aux?

    Any country song
    Kill the Lights
    Rihanna and rihanna only
    Chance the Rapper
  6. Outfit of choice

    Tshirt and shorts
    Crop top
    Tight and short prolly
    Something from aeropostaaaal
  7. Type of man

    Manly men
    If you down then...
    Lax fuckbois
  8. When do you go to bed

    First to pass out
    4am bc can't stop coughing
    Varies widely
  9. Drunk food of choice

    Just passes out
    Easy mac
    Literally anything
    Toni's pizza
  10. What can you be found doing when you're blackout

    Punching parking meters
    Mackin aggressively
    Dancing on all fours
  11. What can you be found doing at Clancy's?

    Wall hoe
    Not at the bar
    Spending too much money

Let's Get Weird

You got: Ninna Maldonado

So heres the fing, you're constantly in la la land but live a happy, at ease life. Your ability to pull all nighters and take 4 hour naps impresses everyone you know. Regarding your love life, you're quick to become obsessed with boys (and could talk about them the entire day if you wanted to), but you always get results ;)

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You got: Chloe Bush

You probably had a salad today and did an hour of cardio already, but it's fine. You know that sleep is for the weak, but your immune system probably pays for it *cough cough,* but it's fine. You have the best dance moves on campus and it sure reels tha boys in. You have a wide range of "types", and you know how to keep it on the DL. You're always able to rally and have one heck of a night (or day) out.

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You got: Rylie Pittard

Although you are wifed up, you high key can still get hella rowdy. You may be drunkenly found pulling up shrubs, tryin to fight a bish, or even with your head in the toilet. You are one chill mofo who puts family and friends above all, but most importantly you live by the moto: mama ain't raise no bitch.

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You got: Tessa Smalley

Going out is a must, buying drinks left and right, and smootching boys at the bar is your game. As for boys...lax is your type, you like to Netflix and chill currently....besides the bar you are found at the lib, eating easy mac, or painting your nails rose gold.

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