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17 Beaches So Perfect You'll Want To Cry

*single tear rolls down cheek* Book your vacation PRONTO, and relax on the beach in your Havaianas.

1. This perfect beach that is flanked by towering, rocky cliffs:

2. This sparkling paradise that was deemed a World Heritage Site:

3. This beach that literally has shimmery black sand:

4. This beach that is steps away from real, ancient Mayan ruins:

5. This beach which is full of tide pools, grottoes, and smooth boulders:

6. This stretch of sand and sea that might actually lead to heaven:

7. This incredible "Smuggler's Cove" that is only accessible by boat:

8. This beach that is studded with artful granite boulders:

9. This beach that is surrounded by caves and long-tail boats:

10. This dreamy seascape that was rated Queensland's Cleanest Beach:

11. This beach that is home to flocks of cute African penguins:

12. This pebbled wonderland on the Turkish Riviera:

13. This beach that has magical PINK sand:

14. And THIS beach that boasts red sand and tons of wildlife:

15. This beach whose scenery attracted great painters like Monet and Courbet:

16. This serene landscape you can admire from the privacy of a cave:

17. And this pristine beach that is the definition of paradise:

Slip into a pair of Havaianas and prepare your feet for heavenly beach times.