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Culture Shocks On Tinder?!

As we celebrate Tinder's 4th Birthday, I dedicate yet another post to this online dating app that has changed millions of lives tremendously.

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1. Tinder: From Singapore to New York


Yeah I'm that girl who fishes for foreign guys on Tinder or in other words, I don't go for locals in Singapore. Just a personal preference. Based on experiences with locals way before I knew Tinder existed, they aren't my type. At all. So the recent meme that went viral (look above) speaks to me on a whole other level.

So when I went back to New York City, the place with the world's friendliest people, the place where I grew up, I gave Tinder a go. See how it's like compared to Singapore. And of course, I set my expectations high, and it didn't dissapoint.

To share the experience with my friends back in Singapore, I put up a poll on Twitter: and started a thread of "Why American Tinder is Lit"

1. American Tinder is lit because the guys know how to kickstart a conversation and keep it a HUNNID. FR. Unlike majority of the local guys in Singapore who barely know what to talk about when hitting a girl up. Like they have no clue. Srs.

2. American Tinder is lit because the pickup lines the guys use are actually unique, fresh and original. Not those recycled trash pickup lines that you've heard 2 years ago. So they're legit smooth and hilarious. No need for fake virtual "hahas".

3. American Tinder is lit because you actually meet people who are passionate about somethng and they actually wanna talk to you about it. Aren't passionte people the most beautiful beings you'll ever meet? (I mean of course it also depends on what they're passionate about)

4. American Tinder is lit because the guys actually give a damn about your interests and that's what keeps the conversations LITTY 5000, am I right?

Once again, to each his own. We all have different tastes. But culture shocks on Tinder are real.

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