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These Cheerful Cows Will Brighten Your Day, Trust Me

They might make you reconsider your stand on going vegan though.

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Did you know that in several European countries, cows can't graze in the open during winters, what with sub-zero temperatures and snow everywhere? But cows love open spaces and eating green grass. So, when spring arrives and they are allowed to leave their shelters for the first time, here's how they behave:

Denis Vila / Via
Denis Vila / Via

Really, cows are such wonderful creatures that you tend to fall in love with them at first sight. And when that happens, you can go to great lengths to impress them. Here's a guy playing a violin to an audience of cows:

Cremona Fiere / Via

And here's another playing a saxophone:

New Hot 5 / Via

All jokes apart, cows actually seem to love music, or maybe they are just curious about it. Any time they hear music, they try to make an effort to find out its source.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary / Via

Do you feel like cuddling with a cow now? Yeah, they are a rare sight in most cities, but the nearest farm is unlikely to be too far away. Or maybe you should plan a trip to Switzerland or India, where the cow:human ratio is quite good.

Buzz60 / Via

That's all for now. Feeling happier? Well, here's something to balance it all out.

Giphy / Via
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