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    Best Shoot Cameras For Budget Vlogging

    Most of us are comfortable enough with cameras built into our smartphones that we no longer need dedicated cameras. In fact, many people do. A smartphone is always in your pocket easily and easy to set up and use, helping to make it more affordable for vlogging moment incite. And video handling is best from a smartphone, with many supportive of recording in 4K and some even at 60p resolution. However, having a dedicated, compact camera still has several advantages. As an essential thing in a camera is photo and video quality.In the age of selfies, camera manufacturers are finding that capability to become cameras is becoming increasingly important. This is something you should look for when you are taking your picture. Vloggers need it, especially for posting videos online, so check out these great camera's shortlist that combine the features you need to capture front face-to-face video with the excellent quality footage you expect for vlogging.

    1. Canon G7X For Vloggers:

    This is one of the most popular camera models in the vlogging world. Small, handy, twisting colours that the best SLR would be a great option. Youtubers fell in love with it for its functionality, the screen on the frame, thanks to which you can have a preview of the video recorded from your hand and perfect image stabilization, and most importantly an affordable price. The LCD screen at the back of the device flips the entire 180 degrees to face the lens in the same direction. This means you can picture yourself while viewing photos or videos in real-time.

    2.Canon G9X Camera For Vlogging:

    Canon G9X is the successor to the Canon S120; its price is surprisingly positive. This is one of the cheapest options from this list. This is a stripped-down version of G7X, but it's worth getting interested in this version. The camera encourages with its handiness, reliable performance and good quality of the recorded image same as G7X. We have an excellent zoom with a bright lens here, which does not happen too often. Additional advantages of the Canon G9X will be a smooth operation and a touch screen on which you can easily manipulate focus.

    3. Panasonic Lumix GX800 For Budget Lovers:

    The proposition from Panasonic is that it impresses with its stylish design and will appeal to people who pay attention to such details. Strengths are good quality touch preview screen that can be rotated, a wide range of ISO and thus excellent quality recording in low light, replaceable optics and the possibility of convenient integration with the phone. It is the smallest camera in the whole rate that has the option of replacing optics. A big plus for the price, because it is ridiculously low. Disadvantages include poor stabilization and no possibility of connecting an external microphone.

    Final Words:

    In my opinion, if you're a beginner in vlogging career then a DSLR shouldn't be your first preference- the autofocus lens, favoured by some amateur photographers, is entirely useless for video when the camera is in live view mode. You have to frame your image on the secondary LCD screen. That means you bring the bulk that you don't need and pay for a feature that you can't use. Although, a DSLR guarantees some benefits as well as for photography, such as outstanding battery life-which makes a camera like the 90D appeal to hybrid enthusiasts who need both a great still camera and a versatile video camera. That's why I recommend you go ahead to's website and get all the vlogging tips and tricks with a comprehensive guide of affordable equipment according to your vlogging needs.