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10 Things In Board Games We Wish Happened IRL

If only you could move by just rollin' the dice.

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1. After getting your college degree, you'd get to choose from three clearly defined career paths.

Getty Images/iStockphoto michaeljung
Getty Images/iStockphoto michaeljung

2. If you wanted to invest, there'd be 10 choices for stocks.

utah778 / Via

3. You'd only need one car, and it would fit everything.

kristian sekulic (170213313) / Via Getty Images

4. You'd collect cash money by walking around the block.

inspector_81 (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 83447993@N00

5. You could get out of jail so easily.

fhogue / Via Thinkstock

6. Buying a house wouldn't be stressful.

Andy Dean / Via Thinkstock

7. Taxes would be mad simple.

D. Pimborough / Via Shutterstock

8. If people were in your way, you could just knock them over if you were kinda nice about it.

Top Photo Corporation (126501646) / Via Getty Images

9. With tweezers, a doctor could fix your tennis elbow.

Syda Productions / Via Shutterstock

10. Just open your hungry, hungry face, and food would fly at it.

filipw / Via Getty Images (460638411)

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