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11 Rules In The Game Of Life That Would Be Great In Real Life

Don't you wish the rules of real life were as simple as those in The Game of Life?

1. You can easily make more money than a doctor as an artist.

2. If you don't like your salary, just wait for the opportunity to steal someone else’s.

3. Total college tuition is $40K in Life.

4. The bank will always give you a loan.

5. There's no unemployment in Life.

6. You don't even have to apply for the job.

7. You have to retire.

8. Lifetime auto insurance costs only $10K.

9. A car is your right. You come into Life with a car, and it stays with you until you die.

10. If you have too many kids to fit in one car, you can just shove them in another car.

11. No matter what stock you buy, it has a 1 in 6 chance of paying off.

Make everything just a little simpler by Getting Your Family Game On with The Game of Life.

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