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14 Things The Game Of Life Taught Us About Life

Life imitates game. And no matter what happens, just keep spinning... just keep spinning... just keep spinning. Get The Game of Life and see where your choices will take you.

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1. A little messiness is part of it:

kathryn / Via Flickr: prybylphotos

2. The economy doesn't care about your financial plans:

Wayne Silver / Via Flickr: psycho-pics

3. The best day? Payday. Always payday:

4. You'll spend a lot of time hanging out with your family in a minivan:

Fabian Bromann / Via Flickr: rastafabi

5. Everything falls into place eventually, you just have to keep playing:

Morgan / Via Flickr: meddygarnet

6. Every type of family has a spot on the board:

Paul Fisher / Via Flickr: thetorpedodog

7. Life happens at a speed that's beyond your control:

John Liu / Via Flickr: 8047705@N02

8. All of your friends will get married at the exact same time:

9. If you're under the age of five, expect to see the world from the backseat:

Will Folsom / Via Flickr: willfolsom

10. When everything is peachy, something bad will happen:

11. (Like Catzilla ruining everything.)

12. So you best get yourself some insurance:

13. If you need a phone to calculate your cash, you're doing pretty great:

14. And among friends, it's okay to flaunt your wealth: