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Expectations Vs. Reality: Snow Days As A Parent

Suffering from cabin fever this Canadian winter? Snow days can be fun! Keep your family from going stir-crazy with a board game from Hasbro!

1. Expectation: If you're a working parent and school is cancelled because of the weather, you'll just call up a babysitter and it'll be ~fine~.

Reality: There are no babysitters available on such short notice and now your to-do list is shot.

2. Expectation: Since it looks like you're not going to work after all, you can at least sleep in.

Reality: You may want to head back to bed, but your kids definitely don’t.

3. Expectation: You can still be very productive even if you can't leave the house.

Reality: You are actually really distracted from all the multitasking you're doing.

4. Expectation: You'll all start the day with a nice, cozy cup of hot chocolate.

Reality: Sugar means wired kids trapped in a house.

5. Expectation: At least the kids will get a chance to get ahead on some schoolwork.

Reality: You know television isn't a babysitter, but...

6. Expectation: You'll have fun helping the kids build a pillow fort, just like you used to do as a child.

Reality: Pillow forts turn into pillow fights.

7. Expectation: Freezing cold days are the perfect time for baking some cookies.

Reality: You've forgotten how much of a mess kids can make in the kitchen.

8. Expectation: Snow days are a great chance for siblings to bond.

Reality: Snow days are the perfect opportunity for your children to fight.

9. Expectation: The kids can go tobogganing in all the fresh snow outside.

Reality: It takes a long time to get the kids dressed only to have them come back in because they are too cold.

10. Expectation: Arts and crafts are great (and quiet!) indoor activities.

Reality: Um. Let's just hope you don't have white carpets.

The pain of cabin fever during Canadian winters is real, but Hasbro has the solution with your favourite board games. Shop now!