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8 Classic Board Games That You Can Play In A Brand-New Way

Remember these games? Give them a refresh!

1. Add musical chairs to Connect 4*.

2. Play Hungry Hungry Hippos with your feet.

3. Use chopsticks instead of your fingers in Jenga**.

4. Add a sour twist to Game of Life** with lemons.

5. Mime some clues for Guess Who.

6. Play Operation on a human (table).

7. Add some drama to Clue** with makeup.

8. Play Twister** with an extra fluffy obstacle.

All images courtesy of Hasbro.

*Requires four Connect 4 games, each sold separately.
**Challenge materials not included.

This holiday season, gift something that will make someone laugh! Raise the fun by giving them a classic Hasbro game and throw it back with a brand-new twist.