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8 Classic Board Games That You Can Play In A Brand-New Way

Remember these games? Give them a refresh!

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1. Add musical chairs to Connect 4*.

You'll need: four Connect 4 boards, four players, and some fun, upbeat music that will strike the panic into your heart.

2. Play Hungry Hungry Hippos with your feet.

Pedal away! It's the only time you'll get to eat with your feet instead of your hands.

3. Use chopsticks instead of your fingers in Jenga**.

Difficulty level: 583. Start building your chopstick acuity now with some sushi or individual grains of rice. You'll need the practice.

4. Add a sour twist to Game of Life** with lemons.

When you pick up a bad card, suck on a wedge of lemon. Life is literally giving you lemons!

5. Mime some clues for Guess Who.

Use your own silly faces and gestures in Guess Who to give hints to your guesser.

6. Play Operation on a human (table).

Obviously don't play Operation on an actual human. Just increase the difficulty with a human table or make it even harder with a planking human table!

7. Add some drama to Clue** with makeup.

Clue's full of characters. Be your favourite one the next time you play. Just don't use permanent marker or else you might have to be that character for a bit longer.

8. Play Twister** with an extra fluffy obstacle.

Stuff a pillow in your shirt the next time you play Twister. It'll beef up the game for way more fun.

All images courtesy of Hasbro.

*Requires four Connect 4 games, each sold separately.
**Challenge materials not included.

This holiday season, gift something that will make someone laugh! Raise the fun by giving them a classic Hasbro game and throw it back with a brand-new twist.