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    31 Things From Wayfair For Your Kitchen It’s About Time You Invest In

    Homemade pasta has been missing from your life for too long now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Kenmore 12-cup programmable coffee maker that will have the coffee ready for you as soon as you wake up. Just set it the night before and let the technology take care of the rest. Coffee robot, activate.

    kenmare coffee pot

    2. A package of peel-and-stick mosaic tiles to add some ornate spice to the kitchen. Some visual flavor to match all the lovely culinary flavors you'll be cooking up.

    3. A stack-and-press chopper because it is just about time for summer fiestas and all that chopping is a pain. Now fresh guac and salsa are just a push away. Soon store-bought will be a thing of the past.

    The stack and press chopper with vegetables inside

    4. A dual-spout cereal dispenser so you can keep your favorite morning snack as fresh as possible. Plus if you're into those fruity cereals it will add some colorful fun to the kitchen.

    the cereal dispensers

    5. A 12-piece knife block set that comes with all the knives you need to chef up some seriously good meals. Plus, this keeps them all in safely tucked in one place. Win-win.

    wooden block with knives

    6. A magnetic spice rack because you need all the counter space you can get, and that fridge is just ready and waiting to give your spices a new home.

    The magnetic rack holding multiple jars of spices

    7. A wooden silverware organizer to give your cutlery drawer an instant makeover. No more rooting around in the drawer just to find one dang fork.

    wooden organizer with copper utensils

    8. A retro-inspired countertop microwave offering all the convenience and power of a larger microwave in one perfectly sized package.

    the microwave in black

    9. A KitchenAid standing mixer that will get all the mixing you could ever need done in a flash. Use it to whip up sauces, creams, frostings, and more.

    the stand mixer

    10. A pots and pans pegboard because having everything in your kitchen shoved into drawers just isn't working for you anymore. Plus this item comes in 30 colors so it can fit literally any color scheme in any kitchen.

    11. A Magic Bullet countertop blender as seen on TV that works... like it does on TV. Prepare your favorite smoothies, margs, guacs, and more in seconds — it really is magic.

    12. A mounted soap dispenser to add some extra shine to your kitchen *and* your hands. Plus no more plastic waste throwing out all those empty bottles!

    13. A stainless-steel electric tea kettle that will have your water boiling faster than ever. It may not turn water into wine, but it's still a miracle device.

    stainless steel tea kettle

    14. A family-sized air fryer because air fryers are already heaven-sent and having one that can fit enough food for the whole clan is arguably even better.

    blue air fryer on counter

    15. A bar cart with wheels for maximum party portability. Keep it settled in the kitchen for easy martini access or take it wherever the party decides to go.

    Gold bar cart with with wine rack, glasses and wine on cart

    16. A wine fridge to keep your wine at the proper temperature before you wheel it out on the above cart for charcuterie night.

    The wine fridge underneath a kitchen counter

    17. A pair of heavyweight silicone oven mitts that will make even the hottest pots feel like warm cuddly kittens in your hands instead of the scalding hot demons they truly are.

    The oven mitts in cornflower blue next to a pot

    18. A breakfast sandwich maker bringing a delicious and savory treat to your plate in mere minutes. Just put each of the ingredients in the different layers and before you know it you're heading out the door with a breakfast that could rival the Starbucks sausage, egg, and cheese you normally spend $$$ on.

    The sandwich maker with egg, bacon, and other ingredients next to t

    19. An egg maker because eggs are one of the most versatile foods in history and you deserve a machine that can cook them in almost any way imaginable. Want an omelet? Hard-boiled eggs? Poached eggs? It's all here. Now you're one of the most versatile chefs in the world.

    the maker in blue with eggs next to it

    20. A six-person breakfast nook so nice you'll want to eat lunch and dinner here also. LOL, get it? Because... it's a breakfast nook... yeah, you get it.

    21. A Delta faucet that will look so nice next to your brand-new soap dispenser (see above). Both sides of the same shiny clean coin.

    22. A nonstick cookware set including pots, pans, utensils, and lids so you can be full prepared for whatever recipe you pick up. Imagine a world where nothing in the kitchen will ever stick to anything again. You can live in that world. Actually scratch that. You can be the master of that world.

    The full set of nonstick cookware

    23. A set of two lid and spoon rests because how many times have you wondered where the heck to put those things when you're cooking without making a mess on the counter? With one purchase that thought will be a thing of the past.

    The lid and spoon rest holding a lid and spoon on a kitchen counter

    24. A cheese board to make adding "charcuterie master" to your resume easy as heck.

    reviewer phot of a cheese board with knives and cheese on top

    25. A kitchen island that adds counter space, storage, a seating area, and even more style to your kitchen. That's like four upgrades in one. Pretty sweet.

    White kitchen island with shelving on the bottom, wooden table top, and bar stool

    26. A Le Creuset Dutch Oven truly deserving of its stellar reputation. This baby can go straight from the oven to your kitchen table. All that's left is to find that perfect color to match your aesthetic.

    a reviewer's orange le creuset dutch oven

    27. A set of refrigerator bins because true kitchen cleanliness starts inside the fridge. Let the organization reverberate out into the rest of the kitchen (looking at you pots and pans cabinet).

    The refrigerator bins with fruits and vegetables inside him

    28. A revolving stainless-steel spice rack that will keep garlic, thyme, oregano, and all your fave spices together like one big happy family. Bonus: no more rooting through the cabinet just to find the fennel seeds you used that one time and never touched again except for right now when you suddenly need it again. Just give this baby a spin and voila!

    The rotating spice rack filled with spice jars on a kitchen counter

    29. A KitchenAid six-piece pasta maker set even if you've never actually visited Italy — at least now you can attempt to cook like the Italians. Authentic pasta at the touch of a button.

    30. A kitchen canister set that's airtight, leakproof, and freezer-safe for anything that needs that extra layer of protection. Fill these babies with some candy or nuts for an extra pop of color on your counter.

    The kitchen canister set with various edible items inside

    31. And a SodaStream sparkling water maker because that extra buzz in the water is basically like magic. It enhances the flavor without adding a ton of extra sugar or flavoring so you can still get your H2O fix just with a boost.

    light blue sodastream maker