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    24 Things From Target You *Shouldn’t* Buy If You Want To Continue To Live In Filth

    If a clean home is something you fear, click away now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Roomba vacuum because this robot cleaner will find places in your house you didn't even know needed to be cleaned. Think: under living room furniture and the corners of your bedroom.

    the Roomba shown vacuuming cereal

    2. A toilet cleaning gel stamp so you don't have to clean the place in your house that is admittedly the grossest. Don't feel bad, that's true for anyone — at least anyone who hasn't bought one of these gel stamps.

    3. And when the toilet needs a little extra attention, a Clorox toilet cleaning kit that will handle the rest. You practically have no excuses now with this disposable kit — all you have to do is pop one of the preloaded Clorox scrub pads on, swirl it around the bowl, and discard it in the trash as you watch the grime and buildup in your porcelain throne melt away. No more having to carry the dripping toilet brush over to the sink to rinse it out and then place it back in the holder...blech. Like I said, no more excuses.

    4. A washing machine cleaner because sometimes, all the sweat and grime your washer removes from your clothes sticks to the walls instead. Grimey washer = musty, icky smells. With this, you can let that stank know it's not welcome.

    a model using the washing machine tablet

    5. A cordless, handheld vacuum for sucking up dust from areas a normal vacuum can't reach — like countertops, shelves, car seats, and sofas.

    The vacuum being used on car seats

    6. A drain cleaner since you can't trust those draining liquids 100% of the time. Sometimes, they just mask the actual ickiness below. With this, you can grab and pull out the actual source of nastiness in your sink...leftover food, hair, moldy clumps — ya know, the usual.

    The drain cleaner going in a sink drain

    7. A pack of garbage disposal cleaners that will clean up the sneakiest source of stank in the kitchen. Obviously, you can't put your hand in the garbage disposal, but never fear, these cleaners are easy as heck. Just drop it in, turn it on, and you're golden. Plus, it leaves a fresh lemony scent behind. 🍋

    A model placing a garbage disposal cleaning pellet in the drain

    8. A grout brush because it's that old, dirty grout between your tiles that really make your kitchen and bathroom look filthy. This small, efficient brush with heavy fibers will help clean out that grime in no time.

    A long black brush with gray bristles

    9. A boot tray that’ll protect your floors from those autumn storms. It doesn't matter if there's a sudden downpour that leaves behind mountains of mud — this functional rectangular tray holds three to four pairs of adult-sized shoes so you’ll never have to worry about tracking soggy, muddy grossness inside again.

    The boot tray

    10. A feline hair remover tool for cleaning up after your kitty. The roller picks up hair from furniture and other surfaces, without ever needing a refill. It's almost like you don't even have a cat, except for the adorable little friend curled up at the foot of your bed.

    An orange and white cat wearing a blue bowtie next to the white hair removal tool

    11. A packet of dishwasher cleaner tablets not for cleaning the dishes, but rather cleaning the thing that cleans your dishes. Can't have clean plates if the thing cleaning them is disgusting! (Are you sick of me saying the word clean yet?)

    the white tablets in blue packaging in front of a silver dishwasher

    12. A textured cloth that's perfect for glasses, TV screens, and anything that isn't suited to be soaked in Windex. Dust is sneaky on your TV and laptop screen — it builds up evenly and subtly. The massive 4K images make it seem like it isn't there, but it is, and we all know it. Now, it doesn't have to be.

    the cloth in its packaging

    13. A brand new broom and dustpan because it's perhaps the simplest and most effective tool to get rid of filth. There's a reason this technology hasn't evolved in hundreds of years — because it works.

    a red broom and dustpan on a hardwood floor

    14. A bottle of daily shower cleaner because the last place you want to be filthy is in the place that you clean yourself. Just spray where needed after each shower, and you're done — no rinsing or scrubbing necessary!

    The daily shower cleaner

    15. A six-piece variety pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, because Mr. Clean lives up to his name and reputation with these. This pack includes the bathroom, kitchen, and extra-durable versions, so no matter the mess, Mr. Clean is on the job.

    The Magic Eraser

    16. A tub of multifunctional cleansing paste that will clean everything from your sink, to your pots and pans, to your bathtub. Bye-bye filth!

    The Power Paste cleaner

    17. A tub of disinfecting wipes because there is no substitute for a classic. These wipes have always been filth's worst enemy, and that remains true today.

    tub of lemon-scented disinfecting wipes

    18. A Scrub Daddy sponge that will add an extra smile to removing all that grime from your dishes and home. Reviewers say it scrubs off gunk even better than a regular sponge.

    a pink and yellow scrub daddy in soap

    19. A squeegee with a suction hanger that will make all that filthy buildup on your shower say adios. Then, with regular use after that, it will never be filthy again!

    the white squeegee hanging in a shower

    20. A classic Swiffer kit because sometimes, name brands are the way to go. This kit has both dry and wet clothes for picking up various different messes with the kind of flexibility that built the Swiffer name.

    a model using the Swiffer to wipe the floor while standing by a dog

    21. A wood polish and shine spray because you're the type of classy person who has a lot of wood surfaces in their home. Now, you're the type of person who keeps all those surfaces looking spiffy.

    model cleaning a wood surface with the spray

    22. A pair of drawer dividers because even though your socks and underwear are clean, a disorganized drawer gives off strong filth vibes. Keep everything organized and tidy with these dividers.

    a drawer divided into three compartments with underwear and socks inside

    23. A glam makeup organizer because how can you make your face less of a mess when your makeup is a total mess? Plus, with all your products and tools organized, you'll be ready for your big night out faster than ever.

    the clear acetate organizer with gold trim

    24. A rollout under-the-sink organizer because an excess of filth begins with a lack of efficiency. If you know where every cleaning product is in the house, messes will magically disappear. On the other hand, if your cleaning products are a mess, your whole house will be a mess.

    The undersink organizer

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