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    31 Pet Products From Target That Are Surprisingly Stylish

    Your pets will be looking spiffy this season.

    1. A set of flannel pajamas that works for both dogs and cats because flannel is a classic look whether you have two or four legs.

    A dog wearing the flannel pajamas

    2. A Target team member costume because you love going to Target so much you want to feel that energy even when you're at home.

    A cat and a dog wearing the Target team member costume

    3. A dog bed with a Sherpa lining on the inside and a gingham pattern on the outside to keep your dogs warm and look spiffy while doing it.

    4. A striped sweater for dogs and cats that combines warm bright colors with classic black-and-white stripes. Take your puppy to the dog park with this and they'll be the star of the show.

    the orange, pink, black and white dog sweater

    5. A stainless steel food bowl to make eating time super sleek. Bring some extra shine to your dog's day.

    The stainless steel dog bowl

    6. A pet tent to give your little friend some much needed privacy when they go down for the night. Plus, now all those bunches of loose fur won't be sitting out for all to see. Keep it hidden with this adorable tent/bed.

    A cat in the pet tent

    7. A dog bed with a fashionable plush cover to perfectly combine comfort and style. And when your dog's fur makes it a bit less fashionable, you can take off the cover and wash it in a jiffy.

    A dog on the dog bed

    8. A bunk bed for cats and small dogs because your two babies love each other almost as much as they love you. Give them a place they can hang out and sleep together.

    9. A dish-chair-style pet bed that is so comfy you might to use it for yourself! Your kids will cuddle up with your pets in there for sure.

    A dog in the dish chair bed

    10. A furniture protector that will keep your couch and chairs fur free! These are so stylish they may just make your living room look classier than it did before, and now your pet can enjoy it freely.

    11. A four-pack of dog suit collars for the next time you're going to a black-tie dinner. They will have to let your dog in if they're sporting one of these.

    The four pack of dog suit collars

    12. A dog bed with a removable cushion that will give your pet the ultimate sleep experience. With its multiple colors, it can also fit the decor of any living space. You could even get the one that matches your dog's colors.

    13. A camo dog leash that does the opposite of what camo is supposed to do. Everyone will see your dog wearing this stylish piece.

    The camouflage dog leash in pink

    14. A backpack that will keep your pup safe, secure, and comfy. You, on the other hand, will be the best-lookin' owner in the park with such a cool accessory.

    A woman carrying her dog in the backpack

    15. A set of stylish pet stairs with a charming wooden finish because you want your little buddy to be able to get up to the couch without disrupting the decor of the room.

    A dog on the pet stairs

    16. A travel case for your pet that's perfect for your next transcontinental adventure. They might not love being in there, but they're happy to be with you and looking stylish while they do it.

    A dog toy inside the travel case

    17. A dog bed with a built-in cover so your buddy can get as comfy as possible, while the velvet adds some chic softness to any room.

    A dog in the velvet dog bed

    18. A reflective dog safety vest to protect the smaller members of your family. Who knew security and style could mesh so effortlessly. It almost looks a like cape. For your super dog.

    A dog wearing the orange safety

    19. A waterproof bed protector so your pet can run up on the bed even after they've been out in the rain this winter. Looks so stylish that you might as well use it as a blanket anyway.

    A dog on a bed with the waterproof protector

    20. A pet gazebo because your pets deserve a stylish home even if they're getting a bit rowdy. This sleek metal design works great for both indoors and outdoors, too. They might get even more rowdy just so they can spend more time in there.

    An owner watching her two dogs in the gazeebo

    21. A pet carrier with wheels and shoulder straps so you can transport your pet in whatever way is most comfortable for you and them. The stylish design doesn't hurt either. People on the street will run up to see your pet and check out the backpack while they're at it.

    The pet carrier bag

    22. A weather-resistant animal house that is perfect for chickens, ducks or rabbits. If your critters have to spend every night in their little house, might as well make sure it's stylish like this one.

    the animal house

    23. A double-wide litter box enclosure that will blend right into any room decor. We all know what happens in that litter box, so it is essential to hide it in as clean and classy a way as possible.

    24. A two-pack of hammock swing perches for small birds that look like adorable little fuzzy camping tents. Let your bird relax somewhere safe, cozy, and, of course, *stylish*.

    25. A pet stroller because some pets are just too dignified to walk with you. They need to be catered to in all aspects of life, and that includes looking super stylish in their new stroller.

    The pet stroller

    26. A scratching post and cat condo combo that actually looks really cool. Most of them look like pale brown posts. This one actually has some style.

    27. A pair of dog pajamas that can match the whole family. Get your camera ready 'cause this year the Christmas card is going to be your most cozy (and stylish) yet!

    a husky wearing the pajamas

    28. A tortoise palace because your tortoise deserves to live like a king. And it has a jet-black frame because you deserve to have a stylish home for your tortoise.

    The tortoise palace in a living room

    29. A sunflower cat collar that is perfect for all those lazy kitty afternoons. Whether your feline is out exploring the world or inside laying around, the sunflowers will give them an extra blast of style.

    The sunflower cat collar

    30. An adjustable cat or dog harness because even cats like to go for walks. Now they don't have to feel left out when you walk your pup, and because it's black, they'll look as ~sophisticated~ as they feel.

    The adjustable cat harness

    31. A 2-in-1 bottle that holds food *and* water. Convenient as heck and super stylish and low key with it's all black exterior. A must-have for active pet owners.

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