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    25 Clever Things From Chewy That Are Reviewer-Approved For A Reason

    These reviewers know what's good.

    1. A flying squirrel dog toy because it's much more fun for your pup to chase a toy that looks like the real thing (except for the bright colors, of course).

    A dog about to catch the flying squirrel toy

    2. A tough dog chew toy that will stand up to even the toughest bites. This toy looks and smells like real wood, but uses synthetic material so it will last a long time.

    A dog chewing on the tough chew toy

    3. A roller dog toy perfect for indoor activity. Play fetch even if it's raining or way too hot outside. Your pup will love it just as much its reviewers do.

    A dog smelling the rolling toy

    4. A baseball stadium hide-and-seek toy to test your pup's detective skills. Hide the balls around the yard and watch as your buddy brings them home just in time for the out.

    The baseball stadium hide and seek toy

    5. A digital thermostat and temperature controller for your reptile habitat to make sure your cold-blooded buddy stays comfortable. For reptiles, environment is everything and this thing can regulate heating *and* cooling devices. When they are comfy on the inside they will show you all the love on the outside.

    The digital thermostat

    6. A water bottle with a bowl attachment to make it easier than ever to keep your pup hydrated on big hikes or during camping trips. One squeeze and the bowl on top fills with water. It's so convenient, you might even use it at home.

    Someone giving their dog water with the water bottle/bowl combination

    7. A plush bed for your guinea pig, rat, chinchilla, ferret, bunny, bearded dragon or whatever small critter you have. The faux fur inside will make them feel like they're snuggling with their brother or sister. They will never be lonely (or uncomfortable) again!

    8. A set of can covers to keep your wet food fresh. Pet food companies seem to think all pets eat the same serving of wet food, which leads to so much food ending up in the trash. Keep these covers handy and you can save so much food and in turn so much money.

    The can covers on four different cans

    9. An airtight food storage vault to keep your pet's food fresh and safe from invaders (aka your pets).

    An owner feeding her dog next to the storage vault

    10. A pet travel bag that is designed specifically to be a carry-on for air travel! With this handy bag you can fit food, water, toys, and everything else you need while traveling. There's no need to worry about forgetting anything, so you can focus on keeping your pup chill before takeoff.

    11. A dual dog leash to make sure both of your dogs are safe out in public. Plus, now they won't get jealous of each other. Same leash. Same love.

    An owner walking two dogs with the dual leash

    12. A custom slide-on ID tag for your cat, dog, or any other pet who wears a collar. This simple design cuts right to the case. No dangly charm. No fuss. Just the info you need to make sure you never lose your best friend.

    13. A Furbo Wi-Fi dog treat dispenser with an HD camera and night vision that will keep your best friend safe and happy when they're home alone. With the automatic treat dispenser, your pal might prefer it over you. Just sayin'.

    14. An automatic pet feeder that holds up to five meals. This handy machine works on a timer, so you can load up five meals and it will deliver the perfect amount of food at the perfect time. And by "perfect," I mean the amount and time you choose. Remember, you're the alpha dog!

    15. A top entry litter box because some cats just can't do their business without making a mess. No more spilled litter (or spilled other things) all over the floor with this simple solution.

    a cat comping out of the orange litter box

    16. A roll of terrarium liner that is much more sanitary and easier to clean than other substrates — like mulch, sand or gravel. Let your little reptiles be themselves, then just take the liner out, shake it off, rinse with soap and water, and put it back in. Pro tip: The warmth of the heat lamps will dry it.

    17. A playpen for your cat, bunny, chinchilla or other small pet that will satisfy their adventurous spirit from the comfort of your home. All these little guys want to do is explore, and now they can explore without getting lost or into trouble.

    18. A set of pet stairs that come in two heights depending on where your little buddy is trying to go. Plus, the stairs kind of look like ancient Greek columns so your pets can look godly while climbing these bad boys.

    a striped cat climbing up the off-white stairs

    19. A bottle of aquarium water conditioner to keep your fish swimming in clean water. Just a few drops help reduce chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water. Plus, the soothing aloe vera helps replace and protect your fish’s slime coat, keeping them happy and healthy.

    20. A heated pad for pets that is perfect for cold weather. You can put the pad in a dog bed or let it rest on the floor. With this handy item, your buddy will forget what cold feels like. Warning: The pad is so comfy they may want to sit on it more than they want to cuddle with you.

    21. A saguaro-shaped scratching post because why not have something practical also contribute to the decor? Plus, your cat will think your home is a desert adventure. How cool is that?

    A cat scratching the cactus scratching post

    22. A cat window perch that is very easy to install! Simply attach the suction cups to the window and you're done! It's easy to remove so you can get creative with placement and create new vistas for your cat.

    A cat on the window perch

    23. A birdcage skirt to keep birdseed in the cage and off your floor. Plus, it lets in light so your little winged friend won't think it's time for bed.

    24. A fuzzy tunnel cat bed that looks so cute with its charming wood stand. Your kitty will enjoy jumping through and sitting in it as much as you'll enjoy looking at it.

    A cat inside the tunnel bed

    25. A treat-dispensing puzzle with little plastic sushi pieces. Let your dog or cat find the treats under the sushi to make feeding time fun. We know they can't have actual sushi, but this is the next best thing.

    A dog searching the treat dispensing puzzle

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