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    Designer Halo Engagement Rings From Luxury Designers

    When you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, it can be difficult to decide on exactly which style would look best on your partner’s hand. Engagement rings are often quite impressive, and with a halo-style engagement ring, you’ll be able to highlight a beautiful ring at a cost-effective price for your loved one. A halo ring has a ring setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). Below, you’ll find information for several notable luxury brands such as Tacori and Verragio offer halo engagement rings.



    All of Tacori’s rings are handcrafted with extraordinary care by their artisans in California. Tacori have named their halo rings “Blooms”, because their design uses spotlight diamonds that center around a larger diamond to make it appear even bigger.

    Tacori offer two halo engagement rings in their “Bloom” collection, including the Petite Crescent, which features a renaissance bloom, with a round center diamond that sits on another set of smaller diamonds for a ring that truly something worthy of your “how we met” story.

    Prices start from $5,400 USD.



    Verragio offers several halo engagement rings, including a range in their set that incorporate rose gold into their design. Their unique, regal designs seem to flow throughout the entire ring set, showcasing diamond after diamond set within beautiful multifaceted bands.

    One such ring is the Insignia 7070R, where the twisting band of its diamonds surrounds and encompasses a larger center piece which can be selected in multiple styles (including a more traditional round diamond or several modern shapes such as a heart or square set), though with this particular design, a large round diamond would look better set between the flow of the ring’s bands and smaller diamonds.

    Prices start from $4,300 USD.

    Scott Kay

    Scott Kay

    The artistry of Scott Kay has existed for over 3 decades. The brand offers a very distinctive style in all of their ring collections, and the large set of halo engagement rings that they have available is no exception.

    Within Scott Kay’s Namaste collection is a stunning ring that we know only by its item number and style name. Item 31-SK5420 is an utterly striking ring that looks more like a diamond flower than anything else. The band design is simple but unmistakably beautiful, and each diamond in this halo ring brings a new element to the design.

    Price unknown, but based on similar products, this piece is likely around $4000 - $6000 USD.

    Gabriel NY

    Gabriel NY

    The halo engagement rings of Gabriel New York will stand out in a way that you’ve never seen before. They are among one of the most inexpensive halo rings you’ll come across, with most rings in their halo collection pricing up around $2000 USD before the center stone is added.

    Their Abel Vintage 14k White Gold Round Halo is an example of how exceptional their brand is. This expertly crafted ring, with an almost floral design, includes an exquisite halo and Victorian detailing that will compliment your chosen center stone.

    Prices start from $1,550 USD.

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