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12 Reasons You Really Deserve A Beer

Listen, everyday life can be really hard. You deserve to celebrate getting through it. Why not rejoice by calling your friends and having a #fridgefull of Harpoon?!

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1. You managed to finish the last mile of your hot, intolerably painful run.

Mikala Bierma / Buzzfeed

So hop in the shower and get steppin' to brunch!

2. You've been stuck in mindless traffic for the past two hours and 15 minutes.

Make sure someone's got an ice cold beer waiting for you when you walk into your summer share.

3. You've just installed the AC in your apartment... AND it works.

DGriebeling / CC BY 2.0
Flickr: dgriebeling

DGriebeling / CC BY 2.0

Turn it on, invite people over, and bask, friend. Bask in the fruits of your labor.

4. Your fingers are exhausted from having to answer endless amounts of texts/emails blowing up on your phone.

Let those little digits heal by wrapping your hand around a cold beer.

5. You really did wait for 30 minutes in line at the grocery store.

Paul Townsend / CC BY-ND 2.0
Flickr: brizzlebornandbred

Paul Townsend / CC BY-ND 2.0

No one will tell on you if you start eating those chips before getting to checkout.

6. Your luggage was lost for a whole week while you were on vacation.

As soon as you land, guess what, kids?! We're going shopping!

7. No one told you that 1) there were train delays, or 2) there were no fans on the 97-degree platform.

You must be feeling frustrated. Don't go home when you get off the train. Go meet yo' friends at the bar!

8. You graciously traveled 3,000 miles for your friend's wedding.


Happy Hour starts before landing.

9. A passerby bumped your shoulder JUST as you were about to lick that double scoop Rocky Road ice cream cone.

Forget scoops! Be a grown-up and go make your own boozy ice cream floats with your besties.

10. You reached into your bag for your water bottle only to find out the cap wasn't screwed on tightly enough.

Please help yourself to a slice of street pizza, a chocolate bar, and a Danielle Steel novel while your bag dries.

11. You listened to your mom talk on the phone about her friend's kids for an hour.

longlostcousin / CC BY 2.0
Flickr: longlostcousin

longlostcousin / CC BY 2.0

Good thing she doesn't know that her conversation helped you clean your apartment AND finish a pint.

12. And you overheard your co-worker taking credit for your idea.

Don't get mad! Make peace with a six-pack and your road dawgs! #RD4L