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    18 Things That'll Help You Bake The Best Pie Ever

    I only have ~pies~ for pie 👀.

    1. A regular 9" ceramic pie plate or a set of four mini pie plates so you can bake the size of the pie you need and serve up a nice wavy pie crust.

    2. A non-stick rolling pin that'll keep your buttery flaky pie crust from sticking to everything in sight when you roll it on out. Try chilling your rolling pin in the freezer before use for even better results!

    3. A mesh flour sifter or an automatic sifter for anyone who has many pies to bake and no time for lumps and clumps.

    4. A stainless-steel pie server and a guide to slicing perfect pieces of pie so you can serve with 100% elegance.

    5. And a stainless-steel pie cutter that'll give you eight even pie slices in a snap and prevent fights over who gets the biggest piece at the holiday table this year.

    6. A ceramic pie bird who is ready to give you crispier pies and no sticky fruit leaking over the crust every time you bake!

    7. A set of autumnal-themed pie crust cutters that'll help ensure your cranberry pecan pie is the visual centerpiece of your delicious feast.

    8. A pie crust protector ideal for protecting those delicately decorated pie crusts from over baking as the scent of freshly baked heaven fills your whole house.

    9. A cast-iron pan that'll add to the rustic vibe of this gorge caramel rose apple pie. Cast-iron cooks a nice brown crust like no other pie pan, IMO.

    10. A 10-cup food processor with an automatic scraper you can use to start cutting fat into your pie crust and save yourself some time!

    11. A handy video of pie crust hacks for anyone who wants to add a decorative ~edge~ to the next pie they bake.

    View this video on YouTube

    These all look scrumptious 😍.

    12. A stainless-steel pastry cutter you can count on when it's time to cut tons of cold butter into the dough, so you have a perfect pie crust every time.

    13. A non-stick pie pan you'll use when you forgot you promised to bring your famous apple crumb pie to the pot luck and there is just no time to worrying about greasing and dusting other pans.

    14. A veggie-packed chicken pot pie recipe worthy of serving family style or in these super cute ramekins your dinner guests shall adore.

    View this video on YouTube

    Get a set of six porcelain ramekins from Walmart for $11.26.

    15. A pumpkin pie recipe featuring a maple pecan crumble and a vegan peanut butter cup pie recipe for anyone who aims to impress without the help of a fancy decorated top crust.

    16. A bottle of pure vanilla extract, a two-pack of roasted cinnamon, and a bottle of apple pie spice to bring the season's greetings and flavors into each pie you bake.

    17. A pastry brush so you can put egg wash on sweet and savory pies for that yummy golden brown finish.

    18. And an easy-release, non-stick springform pan that'll have you churning out the deep dish pies we all dream about.

    Me 365 days a year:

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