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    24 Things That Will Help You Feel Awake And Focused

    *Takes two naps a day.*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super smart water bottle attachment that'll track when you drink water, and remind you to drink more (by blinking) before you get dehydrated — because hydration is key to feeling energized!


    It works with any water bottle!

    Promising review: "I have a really hard time remembering to drink water at work because I am on the computer all day. This device is great because it flashes when I forget and I can see it even if I am on a call or engrossed in an order. I would highly recommend." —Kelley K. Lamb

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (available in 10 colors).

    2. A pair of stylish blue-light blocking glasses so you can minimize eye strain from your work computer and give your tired eyes some rest. These are also great for blocking light from the TV at night so you can fall asleep easier!

    Because we all know that blue light can keep you up at night!

    Promising review: "I have come to rely on these glasses. After using them for a few days, I have noticed a big difference in eye strain while using the computer at work. If I forget to put them on now, I will soon notice because my eyes now crave them. I will notice the strain without them. Once I put them on, there is almost immediate relief from the blue light. These glasses also look pretty good — the tint on the lens is not as yellow as other glasses I have seen — they look more like normal glasses. Great purchase — I highly recommend." —Stefanie

    Get them from Amazon for $25.95 (available in three styles).

    3. A pack of 50 caffeine-infused chocolates for anyone who needs a midday pick-me-up minus the trip to the coffee shop.

    Promising review: "I've been using the regular chocolate Awake bites, and they are great, but the chocolate caramel ones are delicious! What a FUN way to get a little boost of caffeine (I hate coffee, and energy drinks put me into overdrive.)! I've shared Awake bites with friends and family, and now they are all buying them! I never ever get the jitters with these. Just a pleasant 'awake' feeling and a gentle boost of energy. And, NO HEADACHES, like with other caffeine products. I recommend these to ANYONE who wants a little boost of energy, a great tasting low-cal chocolate snack, and an overall upbeat feeling." —BLS

    Get them from Amazon for $27.47.

    4. A pair of reasonably-priced noise cancelling headphones to block out all annoying sound for less than $50 (compared to Bose, that's a steal!) — bye noisy distractions!


    Promising review: "These are fantastic. They hold a charge for several days of partial use. They are loud enough without distortion. So far, no damage from sweat or rain. They are very comfortable for everyday use and also feel good while exercising. In terms of Bluetooth connection, they are easy to pair and allow me to connect to multiple devices at the same time. The included case allows you to toss them into your bag without worry of them breaking or getting tangled, or just getting gross." —WC

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99 (available in seven colors).

    This is also one of our BuzzFeed Reviews picks for the best wireless headphones!

    5. A portable blender so you can whip up a filling, nutrient-packed smoothie at the office or on the go!

    Blender set includes: portable blender, ice tray, funnel, and recipe booklet

    Promising review: "This portable blender is just what I want. I use it to prepare to-go smoothies for breakfast and energy supplements after sports. It is powerful enough for common smoothie ingredients, and can be easily cleaned. Perfect choice for one portion or kids." —Jenny Yuan

    Get it from Amazon for $36.99 (available in three colors).

    6. And an investment-worthy raw vegan protein supplement 4K reviewers swear by for clean, sustainable energy that'll last and last., Amazon

    Promising review: "Lots of sustained energy when you use this product. I tried many whey products, but they all gave me indigestion and made me feel spacey. So I gave up on protein mixes completely until this fantastic product! No stomach upset or spacey feeling as with whey — just pure energy. Used this before a 50 mile bike ride. It was so sustaining that I only had a single protein bar on the rest of the ride. Provides real energy, not stimulants. It tastes great. I mix it with some Lifeway Kefir to get a super thick shake. The list of amino acids and ingredients is truly impressive! It's the best I have found." —Lance G

    Get it from Amazon for $31.25 (available in four flavors and multiple sizes).

    7. A mouse pad planner for anyone who needs a little help getting their sh*t together. Idk about you, but if my to-do list is not right in front of me at all times I WILL forget!!


    This planner is broken down into sections so you can organize based on level of importance, from "do or die" to "never, ever do".

    Promising review: "I'm always jotting notes and doodling when on the phone and having this mousepad prevents me from having a million notebooks on my desk. It inspires me and keeps me organized. It's definitely a favorite!" —Nicy0611

    Get it from Amazon for $12.90 (available in four styles).

    8. A super comfortable portable travel pillow because sometimes a power nap is all you need to get through the rest of the day.


    Promising review: "Wow, this pillow is amazing. The Casper Nap pillow arrived quickly and it was packaged in a really cool tube. The pillow was easy to remove from the tube and comes with a bag to carry it and a pillowcase. It is very cute. The pillow is soft and firm. It is unlike any travel pillow I have used because it is super comfortable. I used it for a few nights and I love it." —thepennygirls

    Get it from Target for $35.

    9. An energizing coffee face scrub that'll make you feel fresh, clean, and ready to tackle the day in the mornings!


    Promising review: "I am surprisingly impressed with this product. It's so gentle on the skin and very convenient for the shower! Although, I use it more than just in the shower. I love the scent! Coffee is a great scent to wake you up in the morning. I love natural products, so this was a win for me!" —Nathalie

    Get it from Amazon for $7.91.

    10. A bullet journal to help you categorize your to-do lists, organize your thoughts, doodle, track healthy habits, or make a plan when you are feeling overwhelmed by life.


    Promising review: "Perfect for what I was looking for! Like the hard cover and the pocket in the back. I'm just starting my bullet journaling for organizing my work tasks, this is exactly what I was looking for." —hlhk

    Get it from Amazon for $8.86.

    11. And a helpful video for anyone who is new to journaling and needs some inspiration and a place to start!

    Facebook: video.php

    Check out 317 Bullet Journal Ideas for even more ideas.

    12. A mini worry pet designed for children with autism that may help soothe anyone with sensory needs. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can use this friend soothe your mind and re-focus when you need to!


    Promising review: "This little fella is adorable and very well made. My daughter loves it. She likes kneading it and we’re hopeful it’ll help her keep calm and help her concentrate in certain situations." —Norwegianangel

    Get it from Eardley Designs on Etsy for $8.05 (available in six colors).

    13. A mushroom-infused coffee drink that just may give you a less-jittery caffeine boost when you need it most.

    Promising review: "I have no idea if there will legitimately be any real benefits to ingesting these 'super-'mushrooms in my coffee, but what I do know is this: They taste good, and they leave me less jittery than regular coffee. That could be just the result of drinking slightly less coffee in my coffee, but either way, it satisfies my craving for coffee and it tastes good." —Kate O'Neill

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $11.95 (available in three flavors).

    To learn more about this, check out a BuzzFeeder's full review in "10 Life-Changing Things To Try In May" (#3).

    14. And a cute Kumamon-themed stainless steel travel mug who shall keep your beverage of choice nice and hot as you power through the school/workday.


    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    15. A portable elliptical so you can get some exercise in at the office, and feel motivated and re-energized — no caffeine needed!

    Promising review: "I love this machine because it's small, it fits under my desk, and it's quiet. I am sitting 90% of the time, and this helps keep me motivated and definitely gives me some energy throughout the day. It's a little heavy so I try not to move it very often. It's perfect for people who spend most of their time sitting!" —Issy

    Get it from Amazon for $80.06+ (available in three colors).

    16. A bottle of Mario Badescu facial spray packed with aloe vera, herbs, and rosewater to invigorate your skin. A gentle spritz in the face will definitely perk you up IMO!


    Promising review: "I have been using the rosewater spray religiously every day and I love it. I wanted to try the cucumber spray since I also heard good things about it, and I needed to replenish my rosewater spray. I have to admit that I think I might like the cucumber spray better! It feels more gentle and refreshing, and cooling. Also pro tip: You can use these to spray your beauty blenders for makeup application." —Katie

    Get an 8-ounce rosewater spray from Amazon for $12 or a two-pack of 4-ounce rosewater and cucumber sprays for $14 or 8-ounce for $24.

    17. A bamboo matcha making kit for anyone who needs a daily boost of matcha green tea, and wants to prepare it the traditional way.


    Set includes: one matcha whisk, one traditional scoop, and tea spoon

    Promising review: "I am enjoying this product very much. It works wonders and I am so happy with it all. It mixes my Matcha tea so well. I also add a little honey and it keeps me awake for the day. I recommend this set as a starter. The instructions are easy to follow and easy to use." —Perla Ceh

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    18. And ceremonial grade matcha powder you'll use to make matcha tea, add to smoothies, baked goods, or chia seed pudding. I'm super sensitive to caffeine, and I swear by matcha for a sustainable, non-jittery perk.,

    Promising review: "I love this. I make a matcha latte every morning with almond milk and a bit of agave nectar; so delicious and it also gives me such clean and sustained energy. The pouch it comes in is small, but a little goes a long way — so one pouch will last awhile. It's A LOT cheaper (and way better) than the matcha lattes you can buy from the well-known coffee shops." —Abby D

    Get it from Amazon for $9.45.

    19. A Snitch-themed spinning toy that'll keep your fidgeting fingers happy and keep your mind focused throughout the day!


    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    20. A headcool balm made with organic ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus. This babe is designed to relieve tension and stress-induced headaches.


    Promising review: "I am so happy. I had a migraine for 11 days then came across this Headache Ease Balm. It has decreased the pain to a mild-medium headache which is a MASSIVE DROP IN MY PAIN. If you have a headache that's driving you nuts, buy this because it does help. Although I believe in herbal remedies, my pain was so bad I didn't think it would help. I am so happy I decided to give it a try." —Journey

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in three scents).

    21. 50 pairs of comfortable ear plugs to block out noisy office distractions without having to blast music all day. I use this brand for sleeping, and these are the only ear plugs I can use on a daily basis without pain/wax build up!,

    And that's saying something, because I have tried a lottttt of ear plug brands in my life!

    Promising review: "Worked in a noisy open office space with phones ringing all the time, people talking, and various machines operating. Needed something to assist with noise level so that I could focus on my work/reading/drafting. These were a lifesaver." —CarolinaTomato24

    Get them from Amazon for $16.97.

    22. A 30-pack of dark chocolate Kind Healthy Grains bars (that are gluten-free!) because the right carbs are a great snack choice if you want to keep your energy-levels balanced.


    Plus the chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

    Promising review: "I like having a box of these at work for a quick energy boost. They are allergy-friendly; which is hard to find in packaged foods; and they're delicious." —Lucretia Robison

    Get them from Amazon for $15.26.

    23. A standing desk that'll fold up when not in use so you can take a much-needed break from sitting all day and stop nodding off into your laptop.


    Promising review: "If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get started with a standing desk, this is perfect solution! I've wanted to make the switch for some time, but all the options besides building a pile of books were way too expensive. This desk is a great value for the price. I work in a cramped office space, so the fact that it neatly folds up is a huge plus. I'm very happy with this product." —LMP34

    Get it from Amazon for $41.99+ (available in two sizes and colors).

    24. And a white noise machine reviewers swear by for blocking out loud AF neighbors at all hours of the day; so the next time it's amateur bowling league hour upstairs, you'll remain calm and focused.


    Promising review: "This sound machine has literally changed my life. The sleep with this machine is like nothing I have ever experienced. Our neighbor likes to spend his mornings shoveling gravel on a cement surface with a metal shovel about 4-5 feet from my window (like 6 am early) and to be honest, I was starting to have some pretty dangerous thoughts about stealing his shovel, breaking his arms, burning his house down.... One goes down some pretty dark paths when they suffer from insomnia already and then when they finally fall asleep get woken up with a shovel scrapping down a sidewalk. Okay so the machine somehow COMPLETELY covers the noise from the shovel, the toilet flushing next to my room, dogs barking etc. It is incredible. Highly recommend." —MorAvFire

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in two colors).

    Me when I actually feel 100% rested and focused for once:

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    Reviews here have been edited for length and clarity.

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