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    24 Things That Will Help You Feel Awake And Focused

    *Takes two naps a day.*

    1. A super smart water bottle attachment that'll track when you drink water, and remind you to drink more (by blinking) before you get dehydrated — because hydration is key to feeling energized!

    2. A pair of stylish blue-light blocking glasses so you can minimize eye strain from your work computer and give your tired eyes some rest. These are also great for blocking light from the TV at night so you can fall asleep easier!

    3. A pack of 50 caffeine-infused chocolates for anyone who needs a midday pick-me-up minus the trip to the coffee shop.

    4. A pair of reasonably-priced noise cancelling headphones to block out all annoying sound for less than $50 (compared to Bose, that's a steal!) — bye noisy distractions!

    5. A portable blender so you can whip up a filling, nutrient-packed smoothie at the office or on the go!

    6. And an investment-worthy raw vegan protein supplement 4K reviewers swear by for clean, sustainable energy that'll last and last.

    7. A mouse pad planner for anyone who needs a little help getting their sh*t together. Idk about you, but if my to-do list is not right in front of me at all times I WILL forget!!

    8. A super comfortable portable travel pillow because sometimes a power nap is all you need to get through the rest of the day.

    9. An energizing coffee face scrub that'll make you feel fresh, clean, and ready to tackle the day in the mornings!

    10. A bullet journal to help you categorize your to-do lists, organize your thoughts, doodle, track healthy habits, or make a plan when you are feeling overwhelmed by life.

    11. And a helpful video for anyone who is new to journaling and needs some inspiration and a place to start!

    Facebook: video.php

    Check out 317 Bullet Journal Ideas for even more ideas.

    12. A mini worry pet designed for children with autism that may help soothe anyone with sensory needs. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can use this friend soothe your mind and re-focus when you need to!

    13. A mushroom-infused coffee drink that just may give you a less-jittery caffeine boost when you need it most.

    14. And a cute Kumamon-themed stainless steel travel mug who shall keep your beverage of choice nice and hot as you power through the school/workday.

    15. A portable elliptical so you can get some exercise in at the office, and feel motivated and re-energized — no caffeine needed!

    16. A bottle of Mario Badescu facial spray packed with aloe vera, herbs, and rosewater to invigorate your skin. A gentle spritz in the face will definitely perk you up IMO!

    17. A bamboo matcha making kit for anyone who needs a daily boost of matcha green tea, and wants to prepare it the traditional way.

    18. And ceremonial grade matcha powder you'll use to make matcha tea, add to smoothies, baked goods, or chia seed pudding. I'm super sensitive to caffeine, and I swear by matcha for a sustainable, non-jittery perk.

    19. A Snitch-themed spinning toy that'll keep your fidgeting fingers happy and keep your mind focused throughout the day!

    20. A headcool balm made with organic ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus. This babe is designed to relieve tension and stress-induced headaches.

    21. 50 pairs of comfortable ear plugs to block out noisy office distractions without having to blast music all day. I use this brand for sleeping, and these are the only ear plugs I can use on a daily basis without pain/wax build up!

    22. A 30-pack of dark chocolate Kind Healthy Grains bars (that are gluten-free!) because the right carbs are a great snack choice if you want to keep your energy-levels balanced.

    23. A standing desk that'll fold up when not in use so you can take a much-needed break from sitting all day and stop nodding off into your laptop.

    24. And a white noise machine reviewers swear by for blocking out loud AF neighbors at all hours of the day; so the next time it's amateur bowling league hour upstairs, you'll remain calm and focused.

    Me when I actually feel 100% rested and focused for once:

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