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    18 Adorable Squishy Toys You'll Want To Squeeze Immediately

    I squeeze the squishy, I dream the squishy, I breathe the squishy, I am the squishy.

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    1. A 20-piece set of random mini squishy toys because if you're gonna get 20 random somethings sent to your door, you can't go wrong with the squish.

    2. And a 16-piece pack of squeezable, stretchable mini animal squishy toys worthy of starring on their own The Brady Bunch show IMO.

    3. A galaxy-themed scented ice cream cone out to prove good things can happen when you drop the ice cream.

    4. And a scented galaxy cat holding an ice cream cone for anyone who wants to attain maximum squishy toy cuteness by combining squishy food and animals together.

    5. A surprisingly precious squishy peen you'll want to poke all day long.

    6. A large rainbow squishy unicorn toy to hug for comfort when you're stressin' hard and sweatin' glitter.

    7. And a squishable glittery unicorn poop worthy of a thousand squeezes.

    8. A slow-rising squishy ghost doll for anyone in need of a deceased squish'm to squeeze when they're in a dark mood.

    9. A set of three squishy toys so you can satisfy you're need to squeeze with three jumbo squishes at once.

    10. And a slow-rising jumbo squishy cake toy that'll pair perfectly with that squishy milk.

    11. A set of two squishy narwhal keychains I feel like are punching me right in the face with their cuteness as they stare into my soul.

    12. A thicc, colossal, slow-rising mango squishy whomst is clearly above and beyond what a good squishy toy should be.

    13. A set of seven random "Exploding Kitten"–themed squishy toys for anyone who wants to add squishy toys who are up to no good to their collection.

    14. A Gudetama foam egg toy and a squishy egg toy you'll carry around in your bag in case an emergency "I need to squeeze a squish right heckin' now" situation arises.

    15. A squishable Puffsocket available in tons of fun options to ensure you have the cutest, squishiest phone of all time.

    16. A squishy cat burger, squishy frappuccino, and squishy popcorn toy that just may be too over-the-top adorable to handle. Calm it down, squishy toys.

    17. A jumbo scented squishy peach I just wanna get my hands on and squish and squeeze and squish and squeeeeze and squish 'til I can't squish no more, as will you.

    18. And a monthly squishy toy subscription box we all deserve for making it through this post without self-destructing due to extreme squishy cuteness aggression! Okay maybe I am projecting a lil' bit but just saying, everyone deserves monthly squish'ms delivered to their door 😍.

    How I feel after trying to decide which squishy to buy:

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