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    26 Shelves That’ll Help You Make The Most Of Your Space

    Just looking at these shelves fills me with peace and order.

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    1. A beautiful, cubicle-shaped shelf in a mint color anyone would be obsessed with.

    2. A rustic, heavy-duty wall shelf you'll use to showcase your fave decorative items or store some heavy books.

    3. An expandable kitchen cabinet shelf designed to make the most out of every inch of cabinet space you have.

    4. A closet organizer so you can end the chaos of trying to find that one scarf your aunt gave you to complete a perfect look in the sea of shoes, bags, shirts, and shoes that is your closet.

    5. A fold-down desk featuring a space for your laptop and little baby shelves I absolutely need in my life, as shall you.

    6. A garage shelf capable of holding up to 600 lbs. of garage stuff 👀💪. In other words, all your excuses for not organizing the heck of the garage are cancelled.

    7. A very sneaky, floating bookshelf that just may convince every muggle who enters your home that your HP collection is truly ~magical~.

    8. A small but mighty outlet shelf — it'll make you shout "And you get a shelf!" at nearly all the outlets in your home.

    9. A simple but practical over-the-toilet shelf so you might never be caught in the bathroom without toilet paper again 😳.

    10. An intriguing, decorative shelf to make you say, "Symmetry? I don't know her."

    11. An easy to assemble pot and pan rack for anyone who is tired of lifting two or three pans just to get to that one lil' egg pan you need in the cluttered cabinet.

    12. An elegant, horizontal bookshelf guaranteed to show you the endless storage solutions on the *horizon.*

    13. A corner shelf that'll squeeze right into the hard-to-decorate corner of your home, and your heart.

    14. A ~glassy~ bathroom shelf — it'll make you feel like you're in one of those fancy AF hotel bathrooms when you're just reaching for the lotion in your own home.

    15. A 3-in-1 mirror, jewelry organizer, and shelf for anyone who has the highest expectations for all storage solutions.

    16. A unique hexagon shelf in tip top *shape* and ready to hang on your wall.

    17. A four-tier ladder shelf you'll fall for so hard, you'll end up buying the whole set.

    18. And a five-tier shelf over 3k people swear by for organizing kitchens, creating pantries, and even holding up in the great outdoors of the backyard.

    19. A crescent moon shelf and crescent moon circle shelf that'll be *full* of possibilities, despite being a crescent.

    20. A set of three clear, peel and stick cosmetic organizers you can put anywhere, because even micro-sized shelves can end lack-of-storage woes.

    21. A budget-friendly, U-shaped bookshelf worthy of stocking up on.

    22. And a six-tier corner bookshelf you'd better add to your cart now, lest you spend another second ~tiered~ apart without this beaut in your living room.

    23. A budget-friendly, super clever slide out storage tower so you won't have to say "bUt I dOn'T kNoW wHaT tO pUt tHeRe" ever again.

    24. A glass wall shelf destined to be the gorge plant shelf we all need.

    25. A hanging plant shelf for anyone who can't *suspend* their love for terrariums any longer.

    26. And a tree branch wall shelf that'll look great with anything on it, in case you want a plant vibe but without real plants.

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