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    20 Sandals To Slip On Before Your Next Long Walk

    Expect more time walking and less time treating blisters.

    1. Elastic sandals you'll wear at music festivals, theme parks, or on long walks without a blister to show for it — because blisters are really going out of style IMO.

    the strappy elastic sandals in olive green

    2. Platform Teva sandals ideal for anyone who wants a little lift and to feel like they are walking on clouds all day long. *Smashes add to cart button.*

    a reviewer wearing the sandals

    3. Comfy footbed sandals with a toe strap you might just walk in so often you'll wear them down to the ground, according to happy reviewers!

    the tan and white sandals with buckles and a toe strap

    4. Sandals made with yoga mat material you can walk to your heart's content in in the blistering sun (but without the blisters part). Say it with me y'all: Goodbye smelly sneakers!

    5. Rockport clunky clog sandals so you can dance at weddings and go on long walks with your S.O. without compromising on style or comfort.

    The sandal in tan

    6. Handmade leather sandals to give you the arch support you need as you trek about. They are high-quality and come in lots of colors!

    a model wearing the brown sandals with four toe straps

    7. Sandal slides you'll affectionately refer to as your walking sandals once you break these bad boys in.

    Reviewer wearing the Birkenstock-like sandals in beige

    8. Teva Tirra sandals that just may outlast any other sandal you've tried, no matter how many miles you put on them. They are built for walking!

    the sandal in red

    9. Cushiony jelly sandals I'm screaming over, as will you once you slip these ultra-comfy gems onto your feet.

    the sandals in blue

    10. Two band slide sandals with squishy soles and a high-comfort rating — not to mention you'll never have to choose between black or leopard print shoes again!

    the sandal with a black strap and leopard print strap

    11. Sandals with memory foam lining that'll surround your entire foot as you take each step — sounds like a dream shoe to me!

    the flat black sandals with tan memory foam on the sides and bottom

    12. Birkenstock Arizona slip-ons that are waterproof and washable, so they don't get grimy due to moisture or rain, no matter how often you walk in them this summer.

    two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in the blue, the other in the pink Birkenstocks

    13. And a pair of classic Arizona Birkenstocks you definitely need to invest in if you plan on putting 20+ miles of walking a day on your sandals like the champion you are, because these are the champion of sandals!

    a reviewer wearing the sandals in black and sitting in the street

    14. A pair of waterproof leather flip-flops featuring a contoured footbed with cushiony arch support, to keep you ~on your toes~ without the blisters and pain lesser flops bring to your life.

    the waterproof leather flip flop in brown

    15. Dr. Martens platform sandals for a fashion-forward way to stay on your feet all day with no pain to show for it.

    a model wearing the black platform sandals

    16. Teva Hurricane XLT2 sandals — ideal for those hot summer days when you've got a lot of walking to do and need to keep your feet cool — they'll become your go-to pair in no time!

    17. A pair of supportive flip-flops reviewers say are extremely comfortable for walking, so you can wear these down to the soles with all the miles you put on them, and then switch to another pair!

    the flip flops in mint green with an arched sole

    18. Tie-dye two-band sandals with arch support that won't let you down when your picnic in the park with friends turns into a miles-long trek to find the perfect spot.

    a two-band sandal that is pastel tye-dye colored

    19. Keen's whisper sandals over 14,000 happy hikers, adventurers, and seaside citizens adore. The sole of these water sandals is sturdy enough to help you power through walks wherever you are.

    20. And a high-performance hiking sandal made of vegan fabrics such as antibacterial fiber suede for the lining and a Vibram outsole. By the sound of it, they'll likely out-do and out-last your hiking boots!

    a model wearing the closed-toe hiking sandal with green socks

    Your new sandals everytime you go on a walk:

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