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    25 Things That’ll Organize All Of Your Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

    How do you organize a party in space? ~You planet.~ But first clean out the kitchen cabinets.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 10-piece set of air-tight containers with locking lids capable of keeping pantry goods of all sizes fresh and free of bugs. You can stack them and save tons of space 🚀!

    2. A food storage lid organizer ~clearly~ meant to tidy up a messy cabinet filled with unwieldy lids.

    3. A lazy Susan that just may spin its way into your heart, and into your deep corner cabinet to organize the heck out of it.

    4. And a two-pack of clear lazy Susan-style containers so you can stop buying paprika every time you lose one to the black hole that is the back of the cabinet.

    5. An 11-slot knife holder even a cooking beginner would appreciate. Time to get those knives off the counter and into a cabinet drawer!

    6. An adjustable under-the sink storage shelf that'll inspire you to reorganize the rest of the house, because if this space can be tamed, you can do anything.

    7. A six-pack of spice-organizing draw inserts ideal for customizing and making every inch of your kitchen aesthetically pleasing.

    8. And a five-piece of drawer organizer containers for anyone who wants to feel like they're *floating* on a cloud in organizational heaven every time they grab the whisk.

    9. An extra tall cabinet shelf so you can fit as much as possible under and on top off this mighty babe, and grab a whole set of desert bowls at once.

    10. An over-the-door cabinet shelf with plenty of room to store all the cutting boards a cook could ever want.

    11. And a two-pack of kitchen organizer racks that'll put an end to the terror mountain of stuff that falls over every time you open the cabinet by stacking away lids, pans, cookie sheets, and cutting boards.

    12. A sturdy organizer rack designed to mount on a door or wall and become a home for the boxes of plastic bags scattered around the kitchen.

    13. A wall-mount plastic bag holder so you can do away with that one plastic bag that holds all the other plastic bags under the sink, and stuff 50 of them into here instead.

    14. A stackable can rack for anyone who loves to stock up on cans of coconut milk when they're on sale, even though the cabinet is still overflowing from the sale on black beans. Now you can have it all.

    15. A small but mighty pan organizer rack because lifting up three pans while holding a pot in your lap just to get to the littlest pan is getting old.

    16. A reasonably-priced slide-out cabinet shelf to give you easy access to storage containers, canned goods, or all those small appliances you don't know what to do with.

    17. A basket shelf so you can keep everything neat and tidy inside your cabinets, or give your cabinets a little more breathing room by storing stuff in this shelf on the counter.

    18. A set of two medium and large stackable cabinet shelves you'll adore. They will cover every inch of those cabinets and declutter your life!

    19. A set of four adjustable bamboo drawer organizers for anyone whose drawers need a classy update.

    20. An investment-worthy pull-out cabinet insert made of real wood and stainless steel. This gorgeous babe is guaranteed to organize the heck out of your cabinet for good.

    21. And a budget-friendly pull-out chrome shelf basket I'm honestly dreaming about putting in my own kitchen to achieve organizational enlightenment.

    22. A sneaky slide-out storage tower designed to fit into the crevices of your kitchen. You'll fit half a cabinet's worth of stuff in here, and then you'll have room to buy that salad spinner you've been dreaming of.

    23. A set of 30 spice grippers that just might make anyone who comes over and opens up your cupboards whisper, "wow...a spice organizing champion is among us."

    24. A tip-out sink tray so you can take what you thought was a useless part of your cabinetry and make it into a tidy home for the sponges.

    25. And an over-the-cabinet towel bar who is here to help you move past your grudge against the landlord for installing cheap cabinets and enjoy the finer things in life — such as having a place to hang dish towels other than the oven.

    You, after filling your cart with cabinet-organizing wonders:

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