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    32 Essential Things To Take On Your Next Beach Vacation

    Featuring a personal beach umbrella, sheer sunscreen, a portable safe, and other vacation necessities.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A TSA- approved toiletry bag to keep your liquids all in one place during security check so you move through the line faster. Not to mention it will prevent potentially leaky shampoo from getting all over the rest of your stuff!

    hand holding the clear square bag with blue trim filled with toiletries

    2. And a set of four leak-proof travel bottles reviewers swear by for storing shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face creams, ointments, and more with no mess!

    3. A pair of Birkenstock Arizona slip-ons that are waterproof and washable, so they don't get grimy due to moisture from your oceanside adventures.

    two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in the blue, the other in the pink Birkenstocks

    4. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro that'll play hours of tunes so you can turn off the noise around you as you travel, or find the perfect jams for a jog down the shoreline. 

    side view of a buzzfeed editor wearing the airpods
    a buzzfeeder holding the earbuds in their hand
    a buzzfeeder holding the airpod case
    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Best earbuds I’ve ever purchased. For years I wanted wireless noice canceling earbuds after using the Beats Studios and Bose QC lines. Being an iPhone, user I always saw the appeal of AirPods but never could use them due to them not fitting my ear correctly and always falling out. As soon as I saw the design of the AirPods Pro, I instantly came to Amazon and ordered them. If you’re at all contemplating ordering these, I 100% recommend them. The noise canceling is slightly above average and the transparency mode is extremely useful on the go or whenever you need to hear your surroundings with your music. Amazing product definitely worth the steep price." —Corey P.

    And here's more from BuzzFeed shopping editor Emma Lord: "I have a pair of these, and they're not playing around. Once they're securely in your ear, you can toggle the headphones between noise-cancelling and regular sound, depending on your situation. I've been working from home, and the noise-cancelling is so effective that I can work next to a window where my neighbor is doing heavy construction and I don't hear anything louder than a faint buzzing. It's quieter than if I'd just plugged my ears with my own fingers. I'm also a runner, and these don't budge when you're sweating, which is nice. It's also handy that these toggle out of noise cancellation mode, because I feel better being able to hear traffic and other people around me when I'm out and about. The TL;DR: I love these so much I have zero interest in owning another pair of headphones for as long as I live." Read her full review of the AirPod Pros here!

    Get them from Amazon for $189.99.

    5. A RFID-blocking travel wallet with plenty of slots, pockets, and pouches for all the currency and identification one could ever need. 

    a reviewer's phone, cash, and cards before being put in the wallet
    the same items all placed in the trifold wallet

    This wallet has a passport pocket, a boarding pass compartment, three credit card slots, an ID slot, a SIM card pouch, a coupon ticket slot, a cellphone pouch (max 5.8 inches), a money and coins zippered pocket (fits US dollars), a key holder, a pen holder, and a slim pocket.

    Promising review: "This holds everything I need all in one place, and it still closes nicely and stays flat! Boarding pass, passport, ID and credit cards, money, checked baggage tickets, receipts, etc.! Yet it doesn’t bulk up or look like an overstuffed mess. Just amazing. The description says it only holds US money, but I just used the boarding pass flap to hold all my Japanese Yen (¥), which are larger. I definitely recommend to anyone who travels a lot!" —Anthony Luu

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 37 colors).

    6. And a vaccine card holder that'll easily clip on to your purse or bag so it's always on hand and you won't have to worry about losing it as you travel. 

    eight different vaccine card holders in various prints, colors, and glitter
    Ava Reign Creations / Etsy

    Ava Reign Creations is a New York-based Etsy shop that sells masks, gifts, and more. 

    Promising review: "These will be great for travel to Hawaii. Each of us will be able to safely keep our vaccination cards on us. We will be able to clip them to inside of our travel backpacks and access them easily. Shipped quickly and well packaged." —hydrator1 

    Get it from Ava Reign Creations on Etsy for $10 (available in seven colors and designs). 

    7. A chic fanny pack you'll be able to fit all your essentials in despite its sleek design!

    8. Some biodegradable hypoallergenic wipes you'll be glad you have on hand on long flights, or when you're going from the beach to dinner and there's no time to shower.

    hand holding the packet of wipes

    9. A digital luggage scale so you can overpack with confidence that you didn't *totally* overdo it – say bye-bye to overweight baggage fees!

    the silver luggage scale with black strap under it

    10. A mesh beach bag that'll make bringing home sand from the beach a problem of the past. Plus it has a splash-proof inside pocket for your phone or Kindle, which you probably can't say for your go-to tote bag!

    the black mesh bag with a rainbow handle

    11. A reusable water bottle with a daily pill organizer so you can hydrate throughout the day and have your meds/supplements on hand in a super convenient way.

    12. A sun visor with an open design to keep you cool and to keep the sun off your face on the beach!

    model wearing a beige wide brim visor

    13. A pack of small laundry soap sheets that'll be a god-send when you spill something on your only white tee or realize you didn't pack enough underwear. Just add water for hand-washing!

    collection of shaving sheets, body wash sheets, and shampoo sheets

    14. A super lightweight towel designed to dry quickly and repel pesky sand so you can lay out in the sun and dry off stress-free.

    15. Or a custom beach towel worth rolling up in your suitcase. You'll get tons of compliments, plus plenty of space to read a book and chill out.

    a person holding up a yellow and pink sparkling towel that says "Kelsey"

    16. A set of three hard-shell spinner suitcases you can maneuver through busy airports and streets by pushing them instead of dragging them behind you. And they are sturdy enough to protect all your stuff!

    reviewer's three white suitcases of different sizes with the handles up

    17. Or a cult-favorite hardtop carry on suitcase with features reviewers love — like super smooth 360-degree wheels, an optional USB charger, and an interior compression system.

    18. A quick-drying laundry sac to keep damp swimsuits from getting the rest of your stuff wet. You'll wonder how you survived without this.

    the yellow mesh laundry bag

    19. An inflatable lounger for anyone who wants to make the most of their sunbathing experience. It packs up small, yet gives you a cozy spot to kick your feet up and sip some wine by the waves!

    20. A beach chair that packs up compactly and sits low to the ground so you can stretch your legs out over the sand or blanket. It also comes with a sleeve to hold your towel and a cup holder!

    21. An anti-blister balm to help your trudge through the cobblestone streets or sandy boardwalk without blisters ruining your day. Reviewers who are blister-prone swear by it!

    22. A clever personal umbrella you'll clip onto the back of your beach chair so you can have access to the shade. *And* this baby conveniently packs up in a suitcase!

    23. A tumbler featuring double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drinks icy cold all day long.

    24. A pair of pride striped swim trunks so you can frolic in the waves in comfort and style.

    a model wearing the rainbow striped trunks

    25. A one-piece swimsuit that'll help you look your best amongst the beachgoers. Reviewers say it fits unlike any other suit!

    26. Or a bikini top designed for anyone with a bigger chest who needs a bathing suit that'll actually offer support. You can run, jump, and swim through the waves in this top, no problem!

    model wearing a red bathing suit

    27. And a swimsuit cover-up with a collared neck and pre-rolled sleeves, to give you a casual yet put-together beach vibe for your vacation.

    28. Sunblock from Black Girl Sunscreen that won't leave behind a dreaded milky layer on your skin like most other sunscreens. It goes on sheer and is made with hydrating avocado and jojoba oil.

    29. A Neutrogena SPF 70 sunscreen stick to protect your face an body from the sun, plus you won't have to worry about it spilling in your carry-on or beach bag.

    reviewer holding up a tube of neutrogena sunscreen at the beach

    30. A waterproof pouch so you can enjoy full touch-screen capability safely in the water and send some snorkeling selfies to friends.

    31. A Trtl neck pillow that's designed to keep your head in a comfy position while you nap, and it's more compact than those pillows they sell at airport kisosks. Not to mention no weird neck cramps when you wake up!

    model wearing a gray trtl pillow while sleeping on a plane

    32. And last but not least, a portable safe you can easily stash your valuables in. You'll be able to go swimming knowing your phone and wallet are safe and sound on the shore.

    When it's beach vacation time:

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