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    24 Dresses For Anyone Who Will Only Wear Dresses With Pockets

    Pockets, on all of 'em.

    1. A spaghetti strap dress in tons of fun prints that'll make you want to head to the nearest field with your phone in your pocket for an impromptu photo shoot.

    2. A bodycon sweater dress to keep you warm and cute as we head into colder times. Could anything be better? Oh...yes. It has pockets.

    3. A long-sleeved, comfy maxi dress you just might buy in every color — dressing up or down your fall look has never been easier.

    4. A sweatshirt pullover dress with pockets for anyone who wants to walk into the room and immediately let everyone know you are the coziest one of them all.

    5. A gorgeous, floral A-line dress ready to ~sway~ its way into the shopping cart of a highly fashionable person.

    6. A long-sleeved polka dotted midi dress that'll make you feel like a fairy as you flit around in your cute outfit.

    7. A flowy tunic number perfect for grabbing a casual cup of hot cider and pulling your wallet out of your pocket to pay, no bag in sight.

    8. A two-toned party dress in many patterns so you can stuff your two deep pockets full of confetti and head to the party!

    9. Plaid button-down skirtalls with a little pocket on the hip to store your business cards that say "I'm the cutest bitch out here."

    10. A retro-inspired formal cocktail dress with — you guessed it — pockets! Now you won't have to choose between being well dressed and practical.

    11. And a V-neck button down dress (with extra big pockets) worthy of buying in every color.

    12. An oversized turtleneck sweater dress for anyone whose lifelong dream is to go outside wearing a blanket as your outfit.

    13. A little black dress you'll wear out once and never want to wear anything else again. This babe has a standing neck, A-line cut, pearly button, and surprise; pockets.

    14. An A-line cocktail dress with spooky themes you shall adore, like skeleton kitties, bats, and scariest of all — math.

    15. A soft T-shirt dress so you can stay cozy and look like you just stepped out of a fairytale with that lace hem.

    16. A pullover number featuring floral sleeves and a hood to ensure you have a quick, cute look to ~pull~ off at a moment's notice.

    17. A bold and blue plaid dress for anyone who is trying to channel their inner boss outward 100%.

    18. A sleeveless midi dress that's basically screaming "take me on your next vacation" and I couldn't agree more.

    19. A sweater pocket dress someone needs to sneak snacks into the movies in because clearly that's what this dress is made for.

    20. A super soft striped dress that'll grab every cat-lover's attention as soon as you walk into the room.

    21. A vintage-inspired number so you can feel like a swing dancer from the 1950s in your everyday life.

    22. A knee-length pleated dress guaranteed to pair perfectly with boots and become a wardrobe staple.

    23. A simple yet elegant wrap dress for anyone who wants to sashay into work looking layered and regal AF.

    24. And a glow-in-the-dark ouija board skater dress for anyone who doesn't want to dress up for Halloween but still wants to look frightfully good.

    When you see a cute dress and it has pockets:

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