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    38 Affordable Home Products To Make Your Whole Space Look Less Boring

    Cute decor, DIY projects, and cozy finds.

    1. A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder so you don't forget your keys on the way out the door, *or* forget to hang them up when you get home (looking right at myself as I type that 👀).

    A minimalist cloud magnet tacked to a wall holding two sets of car keys

    2. An eye-catching moon phase garland to decorate your bedroom or any space that could use a little shimmer ✨.

    A gold garland strung above a bed with moons in waxing and waning phases strung along it

    3. A set of stackable trays you'll use to store jewelry and knickknacks, or as trays to serve snacks and food — and you can arrange these in a variety of fun ways.

    Geometric trays in pink, yellow, green, and white

    4. A waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive that'll allow you to revamp an old desk or countertop so it looks sleek and fresh.

    A desk with a white marble adhesive on the top of it

    5. A custom floral coaster so you can prevent watermarks and keep the coffee table looking cute.

    6. A mini illuminated relaxation waterfall ideal for anyone who needs some soothing vibes on their work desk or nearby the bed.

    7. A floating hidden bookshelf to neatly stack your novels, store your shoe collection, or pile up your textbooks. The smallest of these shelves holds up to 15 pounds!

    8. A The Office door sign that'll do the work of distinguishing the home office away from the rest of your home, so you can watch reruns while you work in peace.

    9. A rainbow prism suncatcher you can hang in your windows to reflect the sunlight back into your home in tiny rainbow form 🌈.

    10. A set of three machine-washable Swedish dishcloths you'll find as useful as they are adorable. They are super absorbent and will be a delight to have in your kitchen!

    A person washing a knife and fork with a square-shaped Swedish dish cloth with happy cats printed on it

    11. A set of popular fairy lights to add a pop of light to any room, or you can use these to create a cozy little nook in your bedroom.

    A dark window with sheer curtains and yellow fairy lights strung up illuminating it

    12. A eucalyptus lavender pouch that'll increase the relief hot water and steam can have on your nasal passages — many reviewers swear by these for aromatherapy or to soothe allergy flare-ups!

    A small satchel of lavender and eucalyptus hanging from a bath handle

    13. A set of LED light strips that are ideal for those of us who want to customize the brightness, color, and timing of lights around the TV, desktop, or other fixtures.

    14. Or a small, portable rechargeable bedside lamp with touch sensitivity so you can tap until you reach your desired brightness and color!

    15. A set of floating shelves to create a nice little space for your mementos, or add some dimension to the living room wall.

    A set of three rectangular floating shelves in different sizes in a gray light wood installed on top of each other on a wall

    16. A custom star map in the nonbinary pride colors you can use to celebrate an important or momentous date with a little bit of wall space.

    a constellation map in purple and yellow

    17. A set of corduroy pillow covers that'll spruce up your couch or accent chair in just a few minutes.

    Pillows with pastel pink corduroy covers on them

    18. A set of minimalist hooks to hang up coats, purses, keys, and/or to show off your plant babies!

    19. A set of decorative succulents that'll add the touch of greenery your work desk needs, without the responsibility of properly watering anything.

    Four small succulents in transparent dome glasses and rocks at the bottom

    20. A night-light projector so you can transform your bedroom ceiling into a starry sky or give the gaming room a calming ocean vibe.

    21. A brush holder you'll use to hold your makeup brushes or add a bit of decorative *glam* to the vanity.

    22. A fluffy area rug because you deserve to feel like you're floating on a cloud as you get up to start the day.

    A white oval-shaped shaggy rug at the side of a bed

    23. A pom-pom throw to ensure the common area has enough pizzazz and soft blankets for all your cozy night ins.

    A mustard yellow blanket with small pom pom trim

    24. Or a truly iconic tortilla blanket so the magical ability to turn into a human burrito is always right within reach.

    25. A digital download of WFH-themed wall art with some sass, jokes, and inspiration to lighten up your work days.

    Another print that says "just following up" with the definition "clearly you thought I was joking when I asked you the first time"

    26. A statement wall decal so you can revamp the guest bedroom or the kid's room without even saying the word "paint."

    A wall decal shaped like a pink and ivory cluster of flowers stuck to a wall

    27. A decorative woven basket that'll add beach vibes to your living room *and* give you a convenient place to store extra throw blankets and reading material.

    A round woven basket in a beige brown with handles

    28. A toilet night-light that offers an improvement on the otherwise dark bathroom where you may or may not stub your toe every time you have to pee in the night — sweet relief.

    A toilet glowing blue

    29. A tiered plant stand just begging to create the plant-centered focal point your home needs.

    A wooden plant stand with five tiers and places for

    30. A set of rainbow flatware you'll appreciate for their bright and cheery vibe; not to mention you'll never lose a fork to the abyss of gray and silver flatware in the sink again.

    Rainbow tinted silverware on a plate

    31. A sophisticated tile backsplash so you can keep adding some personality to the kitchen and harness your hopes to spend more time cooking in there.

    32. A geometric drawer knob to give your dresser or cabinets a mini makeover and make your friends wonder what's different since the last time they were at your place.

    33. A macrame hanging wall mirror that'll frame your beautiful face and give the bedroom wall a wonderful vibe.

    Small hexagon shaped ivory macrame mirror hanging from a wall

    34. A pack of outlet decals ideal for those of us who appreciate whimsy, delicate humor, and chaos.

    Tiny little mustache shaped stickers on an outlet

    35. A set of nail letters that'll add a personal and minimalist vibe to your space and ensure people get your name right during Zoom calls.

    Black minimalist letters hooked into a wall to spell "KATE"

    36. A bread loaf pillow to roll over and squeeze on those sleepy days when you are hitting snooze for at least another 20 minutes.

    A model posed with a pillow that looks like a loaf of bread

    37. A set of peel-and-stick staircase stickers that just may make you feel like you're entering a totally different realm when you go upstairs for a drink.

    38. And a sweet little dust ruffle you'll be glad to have when you need a place to shove your winter wardrobe righttt out of sight!

    A bed with white sheets and a white dust ruffle all along its edges

    The vibes of coming home to your super-cute place: