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    19 Of The Best Products For Short Hair You Can Get On Amazon

    Keeping it ~short~ and hitting you with only the best for your short, glorious hairstyle.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An organic jojoba oil spray so you waste no time in deep conditioning your short, luscious locks.

    2. A heat-protectant blow dry spray that'll thrive when things get ~heated~ and dramatically decrease blow-dry time by 50%.

    3. A no-thrills, medium hold pomade made to achieve three simple things: 1.) give a little bit of shine, 2.) hold your hair to your desired style, and 3.) last all day.

    4. A 2-in-1 curler and straightener for anyone who needs a short iron to work with your short hair for under $20! Bye pesky cowlicks.

    5. A set of anti-frizz sheets so you can defeat humidity even when you slept through your alarm and have no time to manage the *staticky* situation.

    6. And an ultra-absorbent, microfiber towel to cut down on the frizz before it has a chance to start.

    7. A vibrating, water-resistant, scalp-massaging shampoo brush β€” it just may be exactly what you need to rejuvenate short hair and a damaged scalp.

    8. A stimulating shampoo formulated with caffeine β€” it might help hair growth.

    9. A texturizing and volumizing sea spray to protect your strands from damaging UV rays and get that "just hit the beach" look year-round.

    10. A synthetic drawstring puff to switch up your look and impress the heck out of your friends.

    11. And a temporary color wax so you can change your style even MORE without committing to growing out that vibrant color.

    12. A detangling brush over 5K people swear by for gliding through short, curly, thick locks with no problem.

    13. A gentle shampoo and conditioner set capable of washing product buildup (happens way too easily with short locks πŸ™„) out of your hair, while keeping moisture locked in.

    14. And a three-pack of dry shampoos (featured in The Best Dry Shampoos You Can Get On Amazon) in blush, divine dark, or brilliant blonde to refresh your hair without worrying about scalp residue. If you have short hair, you know how infuriating a greasy scalp + still clean hair is, because there is no "don't wash the ends" strategy. Problem solved!

    15. An argan oil hair mask (people really, really love) for anyone who wants their colored hair to smell great, and feel smooth and hydrated (me please).

    16. And a one-minute hair mask so you can have the quick, perfectly sized hair treatment you need to manage your short locks.

    17. A silky headscarf (available in many colors 🌈) that'll be there for you when it's time to protect your hair at night, and when you need a fashionable hair accessory.

    18. A curl enhancing smoothie designed to give your curls the shine and moisture they need to flourish (without over-oiling).

    19. And a set of self-sharpening, color-coded clippers over 12K regular people and hair stylists swear by for easy peasy haircuts. The time to save money on cuts and freshen up your fade/undercut at home is now.

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