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Hong Kong - Exclusively For The Jay Walkers.

Yeah yeah, we know Hong is about the place you find a lot of humans at once. But, it’s also where you can find a whole lot of good deals.

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1)Ladies first. We’ll start with the Ladies market.


It isn’t surprising why the ladies market is known as the ‘’Hong Kong’s most famous street market’’. Of course, where the ladies are, fame follows! Dear Gents, if your ladies want to get the best deals there is no better place is Hong Kong than the ladies market on Temple Street. This market is best visited at night and has all you need from household items, accessories, clothes & what not.

2)Sea food street market


It’s Sea food frenzy down at the sea food street at Des Voeux Road West. Savour up some of your favourites like dried scallops, sea shrimp or even something more adventurous like dried fins. Shops open every day from 9am – 5:30 pm & are mostly closed on Sundays. This market is on Hong Kong island & if you hoping to travel Hong Kong hotel rooms are aplenty. Try the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong for accommodation.

3)Technology & best deals at the Ap Liu Street


China is of course the best spot to get the latest technology at some good prices. Bargain all you want at the Ap Liu Street. You can also call it a flea market where second hand stuff are quite big. Be it gifts, antiques, watches, coins, clothing or anything else all you’ll need is a some good bargaining skills.

4)Hollywood Road


A twist to your shopping spree, the Hollywood Road is just about the place you can experience a combo of the East & West. Whether it be Chinese furniture, watches & pens or Western jewellery, Hollywood road has got it all. Its located just east of Lascar Road in Shuang Wan.

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