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    12 "Love It Or List It" Moments That Happen Every Damn Episode

    There will be wine and questionable camera angles.

    1. There's always some awkward, combative introductions from the hosts.

    2. The house is uninhabitable in its current state.

    3. The couple's expectations are completely unreasonable.

    4. Someone mentions the words "open plan".

    5. The agent talks to a mystery person on the phone.

    6. The couple is severely offended by the first home shown to them.

    7. A major structural crisis occurs back at the house.

    8. And the couple is forced to compromise on their "Love It" wishlist.

    9. We watch the couple argue outdoors through trees or a window (or both!).

    10. The agent shows them a property that meets their demands.

    11. The couple ends up doing the exact opposite of what you expect.

    12. The hosts drink a lot of wine and insult each other even MORE.

    We love you forever, Love It Or List It.

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