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12 Reasons Horror Fans Need To See "Happy Death Day"

Today is the first day of the end of your life. Tomorrow as well. Catch Happy Death Day, from the people who brought you Get Out, in cinemas 20 October.

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1. First off, let's just appreciate the killer title art that takes us back to the prime of creative horror posters, the '80s.

OK. Just had to get that out of the way.

2. Like a classic teen slasher comedy should, our film follows a cute college coed. Her name is Tree.

And today is her birthday!

3. She lives that typical American sorority girl life.

One-night stands, walks of shame on the get it.

4. But as horror fans know, this means she's about to have big problems.

You can't just be a pretty, likable, sexually active girl in a horror movie without major repercussions. It's just horror science.

5. On the night of her birthday, Tree is murdered by a freaky masked assailant wielding a butcher knife.

Like any good mystery killer who likes to stab people to death, our baddie wears a mask.

6. Only for our party girl, her death isn't the end.

And she doesn't just get one birthday a year.

7. It's just the start to another day...

8. ...just like the one before...

9. ...ending in another death day.

Tree aptly sums it up: "This sucks."

10. Now it's up to her to break the cycle by figuring out whodunit.

With every survived assault, her body shows proof of injury. She's gotta step it up here.

11. Death Day is a high-concept throwback to the teen horror flick with a heavy dose of fun.

After all, what's the fun of a scary movie without moments of pure comic relief?

12. It's a refreshing take on the "final girl" trope, with a strong heroine who found the one person she will take a knife to the chest for in order to save them:


They just effed with the wrong birthday girl.

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Just in time for Halloween, Happy Death Day hits cinemas 20 October.

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