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    20 Workout Products From Target That Must Have Been Designed For Lazy People

    If you feel like doing the bare minimum with your workout today, then this is the list for you

    1. An all-in-one, moisture-wicking bodysuit with spaghetti straps to make getting dressed for your workout a total breeze.

    2. An ab wheel that was built with stability in mind thanks to its nonslip handles and beveled edges that will effectively work your core in a matter of minutes.

    black ab wheel

    3. A 5mm yoga mat with a non-slip design to provide extra cushioning while your stretch your body in front of the TV or practice poses during class.

    4. A stability ball, which comes in three distinct sizes, so you can enjoy your favorite stretches while catching up on your favorite shows.

    blue stability ball

    5. A discreet, under-the-desk treadmill equipped with an LED display and a remote control so you can get your steps in while on Zoom. It also has an adjustable speed of 0.5–4MPH, in case you'd like to take a slow stroll or fast-paced walk.

    black under the desk treadmill

    6. A versatile band constructed from durable, latex rubber that mimics a variety of weight resistance levels so you can build muscle without needing to roll in a whole rack of barbells.

    7. A set of Blogilates slider discs to take your planks and lunges to the next level — the harder the intensity, the sooner you’ll be done!

    beige slider discs that say "Blogilates"

    8. A weighted jump rope so you can tap into a bit of childhood fun while getting your heart rate up at the gym.

    rose gold weighted jump rope

    9. Or if jump roping wasn't your first choice on the playground, then this weighted hoop that's equipped with a built-in tracker can help you see your progress.

    model working out while wearing a pink weighted hoop on hips

    10. A pleated tennis skirt with an elastic waist and a fun, checkered pattern so you don’t even have to bother changing between coffee with friends and that jog you promised yourself you’d go on later.

    model wearing pleated pink checkered skirt

    11. An 18-inch, textured foam roller to lightly massage your sore muscles without even leaving your house. It even comes with a 15-minute digital workout so you can make the most out of it!

    12. A pair of truly wireless earbuds with 32 hours of playtime, so you can distract yourself from how bored you are with your favorite podcast or gym playlist.

    black wireless headphones

    13. A portable, mini trampoline that not only folds up for easy storage, but also comes with a companion app to help you tailor your routine to fit your exact needs.

    14. A set of circular bands of varying weights so you can follow along to your favorite mat Pilates YouTuber without leaving your house. You'll get three bands with light, medium, and heavy resistance for working out.

    15. A 64-ounce, insulated bottle that will keep your water icy cold for up to 24-hours so you can spend less time refilling and more time in downward dog.

    blue water bottle

    16. A unique, yet easy-to-use contraption designed to strengthen your hips, thighs, and core. Don’t worry — it comes with a full exercise guide to help get you started.

    17. A set of foam exercise dice featuring over 100 different moves so you don’t have to spend a second thinking about what to do once you get to the gym. I got these for Secret Santa last year and they did not disappoint.

    exercise dice

    18. A water-resistant fitness tracker that tracks everything from your sleep and activity to your heart rate and blood oxygen levels — just pop it on your wrist and you won’t even have to think about it.

    water resistant fitness tracker

    19. An adjustable and portable step deck to upgrade your cardio with total ease. Whether you’re following along to a Jazzercise video or are making small talk with your roommates, this tool is sure to get you moving.

    multicolor step deck

    20. A set of durable hand grips that'll help tone your fingers, wrists, and forearms without even leaving your couch.

    hand grips

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