Give Your Broken Pots A Magical Boost By Turning Them Into Fairy Gardens

    Bippity boppity YAS.

    What you need:

    *One broken pot *This will only work if less than half of the pot is broken*

    *Cactus soil

    *Variety of small succulents/cacti

    *One larger succulent

    *Rainbow fire beads

    *Gorilla glue

    *Small pot

    *Mini lantern

    *Mini ceramic chair


    Carefully take the main piece of broken pot, and place it on a saucer. Collect the pot shards, and set aside the two largest ones.

    Take four small pieces for the steps (preferably in decreasing sizes, ex. 4", 3", 2", and 1"), and Gorilla glue fire beads along one edge of each piece. Let dry. Wearing gardening gloves, fill the pot 1/4 full with damp cactus soil.

    Stick one of the large pot pieces in the soil, facing outward, covering a bit of the gap of the broken area of the pot. Pack more soil around it to hold it in place, until the pot is 1/2 full. Stick the other large pot piece into the soil, diagonally, sectioning off a part of the soil.

    Pack more soil to hold it in place, until the pot is 3/4 full. Carefully start planting succulents along the edges of the pot shards and up the soil. Place a small pot on the highest platform of soil, and plant a larger succulent.

    Stick the small shards of pot ascending in the soil, to look like steps. Place the mini lantern and chair wherever you like! Use a spray bottle to water.