10 Reasons Why Raquel Is The Best

Yes, this will have embarrassing pictures and lots of cheesiness, brace yourself.

1. She always turns ordinary events into the best memories.

No matter what.

2. She always makes me look my best

and feel my best!

3. We are CONSTANTLY laughing

We find each other equally hilarious. Your laugh is music to my ears.

4. We loved each other even in our not-so-pretty days

Yes, the dreaded photo is here.

5. But we know we’re gorgeous now.

We spend way too much time in this car tbh.

6. She knows how to properly cook Korean beef..and lots of other things when I’m hungry (which is a lot)

She’s definitely a keeper.

7. She made this face.

Enough said.

8. Our FaceTimes/phone calls could definitely break world records.

We never run out of things to say.

9. My successes mean your successes.

We really know how to work a photo booth.

10. When I’m with you, I’m at my happiest.

Thank you Chummy for these 4 golden years!!

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