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    26 Clever Halloween Costumes For Food Lovers

    Sexy cereal bowl?

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Fill a clear plastic recycling bag with mini balloons for a Jelly Belly costume.

    Don't Waste The Crumbs / Via

    Just try not to pop them. Instructions here.

    2. Crumple printer paper and spray it yellow for a buttery popcorn costume.

    Studio DIY / Via

    Just like you get at the movies. Instructions here.

    3. Spray-paint a trash can for a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte costume.

    Costume Works / Via

    You could probably also just staple together some white cardboard, if you don't want to use an actual trash can. Accessorizing with a real PSL is mandatory, though. Instructions here.

    4. Use packing peanuts and orange water balloons to make a sushi hat.

    Intoxikate / Via

    Complete with a giant homemade soy sauce packet. Instructions here.

    5. Cut up pool noodles to make Froot Loops for a cereal bowl costume.

    Studio DIY / Via

    Stick them into a papier-mâché bowl and add a giant foil spoon. Instructions here.

    6. Use different colored felts for toppings on a taco costume.

    Aww Sam / Via

    This tutorial uses lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream, but go wild. Instructions here.

    7. While we're on the Mexican theme, here's an actual burrito baby.

    Costume Works / Via

    All you need is some tin foil and...a child. Instructions here.

    8. Be a stack of pancakes.

    Walmart / Via

    Complete with butter and maple syrup. Buy it here.

    9. Or just be a milk carton.

    Walmart / Via

    Sometimes all you need is one statement accessory to make an outfit. Buy it here.

    10. Use thick yarn for pasta in a spaghetti and meatballs costume.

    Neon Rat Tail / Via

    And you need to also make that fork-twirl hat. Instructions here.

    11. Instant ramen is pretty much perfect if you're going to a frat party for Halloween.

    Walmart / Via

    Because it's ~College Flavor~ ramen. Buy it here.

    12. Carve and paint cardboard to look like Oreos.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Wear a white T-shirt and partner up with someone to be "double stuffed."

    13. Make quinoa out of pom-pom balls to transform into "Quinoa Woman."

    The Kitchn / Via

    Because quinoa is a super food. Instructions here.

    14. Paint your favorite ice cream flavor onto cardboard to be ice cream pints.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Half Baked FTW.

    15. Gather your friends who love puns and be the "spice girls."

    Kelsie Nethery / Instagram / Via

    Just paint your favorite spice on some poster board. Instructions (in the comments) here.

    16. If you're going solo, you could just be the whole spice rack.

    The Kitchn / Via

    Instructions here (though this pic is pretty self-explanatory).

    17. Pair up with your S.O. and be Taco Bell.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Just like this BuzzFeed couple did.

    18. You could also be a pair of hot sauce bottles.

    Reddit / Via

    This couple were Cholula and Tapatío, but no one's stopping you from being Sriracha and Tabasco.

    19. Speaking of Sriracha, this is pretty perfect.

    Yandy / Via

    You can buy it here.

    20. How about this ironic sexy Nerds outfit?

    Target / Via

    If you wanna be food but still be sorta cute. Buy it here.

    21. There's also "sexy corn."

    Yandy / Via

    I wonder who designed this. Buy it here.

    22. You could crochet yourself a bacon dress and an egg hat.

    Lrs / BuzzFeed / Via

    Just like this BuzzFeed user somehow managed to do.

    23. You could be some peas in a pod.

    Target / Via

    Guess some people really love peas. Buy it here.

    24. Adjust a simple brown dress with a little ribbon for a Tootsie Roll costume.

    Life Unsweetened / Via

    Be the Halloween candy. Instructions here.

    25. Turn yourself into a giant cup of froyo with some cotton batting and a plastic drink tub.

    Studio DIY / Via

    The DIY steps on this are a little elaborate, but the end result looks amazing. Instructions here.

    26. Literally just go as the whole damn fridge.

    Costume Works / Via

    Bonus: You can store actual food in your costume. Instructions here.


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