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19 Outrageously Entitled Requests That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Imagine stealing someone's credit card, then asking them not to cancel the charges.

1. This person wasn't interested in her male friend but then got mad when he started dating a different friend and they didn't "ask her permission" first.

"Should I tell him to end things?"

2. This person thought it was acceptable to ask people everywhere to wait to get married because it might upset people older than them who aren't married.

"I might be generally happy for the younger people who have got married younger than me and might feel that you've made good choices."

3. This ex asked his former partner to keep her Netflix password the same and ask if she wants to use her own Netflix.

"You are so rude."

4. This person asked their neighbor to stop letting their kids play in THEIR OWN YARD.


5. This person fully expected an acquaintance to change the name of their dog so that it wouldn't interfere with them giving the same name to their unborn child.

"I'm not going to change Tilly's name mate."

6. And this person expected someone else to change their name because they didn't want anyone else to have their kid's name.

"lady I don't know you, your friend, or her kid."

7. This person hacked someone's Gmail and stole their credit card info, then booked a flight. After the person discovered this and canceled the charge with their bank, the person who stole their credit card emailed to ask why the person they stole from canceled their flight.

"Could you please respond?"

8. This person left ridiculous requests in their restaurant reservation notes, as if they were a Michelin food critic and not just your average Joe.

"Make me feel special and make it memorable."

9. This person with a ton of stuff at Trader Joe's threw a fit that she couldn't cut in front of someone with three items.

"Woman asked to go ahead of me at Trader Joe's"

10. This person who expected a guy to leave his spot at a restaurant because her friend was coming.

"So, I'll be here for the rest of today."

11. This person who asked for a literal car in a Buy Nothing (aka donation-based) group.

"ISO a lightly used car for my daughter..."

12. And this person wanted a car to borrow because their parents were worried they'd wreck their they seem like a super trustworthy person to take care of your car.

"Does anyone have a car I can borrow for the week?"

13. This person wanted "wealthy residences" to have better candy to hand out at Halloween.

"Am I wrong to suggest a wealthy residence should have better candy?"

14. This person wanted a free purebred pet.

"I'm looking for a free miniature Shepherd"

15. This person wanted a live-in contracter to pay THEM.

"If it's not for you, it's not for you."

16. This parent demanded a scarf a stranger was knitting in the park.

"we don't need anything from you b****"

17. This person wanted a full-on free piano and harp — oh, and a wedding gown and cellphone!

"for real??"

18. This person thought every single mom should be able to bypass every coffee shop line.


19. And finally, this person wanted a deluxe food order and defined a choosing beggar.

"Can someone bring me some food?"

What's the most entitled request you've ever gotten? Let us know in the comments!