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People Who Have Worked For Ridiculously Wealthy People, What's The Wildest Thing They've Asked For?

Did you have to pick up an advance copy of an unreleased Harry Potter book?

Calling all personal assistants, house managers, and secretaries to the 1% — what's the wildest "rich person" thing you've ever been asked to do for your boss?


Maybe you were a personal assistant to a celeb who asked you to charter a jet just to pick up real French food from France.

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Or maybe you were helping your rich boss plan a birthday party, and they asked you to fill a pool with Dom Perignon.

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Maybe your boss had a really weirdly specific ask that you've never forgotten — like, they only wanted you to polish their bathtub with a cleaning scrub made of gold.

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Whatever it was, we want to hear! Let us know the exorbitant things your bosses have asked for without any regard for cost in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community article! Oh, and we're talking money-based things here, not just rude or annoying things, though we commiserate with that!

And if you'd like to remain anonymous, here is a link to an answer form you can fill out.