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What Actor From A Teen Drama Carried The Show On Their Back?

Give Dylan O'Brien all the awards.

If you're like me, you love teen dramas. But you have to admit...they can be pretty soapy.

The CW

But even with over-the-top dialogue, sometimes an actor from a teen drama comes along who is SO GOOD that they make even the wildest lines sound good.

The CW

Maybe Dylan O’Brien’s comedic timing in Teen Wolf was just so great you felt like he should be on a different show.


Or maybe Chris Wood in The Vampire Diaries gave you nightmares with how creepy he was, in contrast to past villains.

The CW

Maybe Sophia Bush in One Tree Hill made you cry time and time again, because her emotions always felt so relatable and honest.

The WB

Or maybe Troian Bellisario always blew you away with how real she made the stakes feel in Pretty Little Liars.

ABC Family

If there's an actor from a teen drama you think is particularly good (maybe even too good for the show they're on), let us know which actor and ~why~ via the drop box below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!