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    41 Jokes For Anyone Who Considers Themselves ~An Intellectual~ (Or, You Know, If You Went To High School)

    "Achilles would have gotten his sh** absolutely rocked by a razor scooter."

    If you, like me, peaked in your school days (former "gifted" kids FTW), you still have fond memories of all the books you had to read and stuff you had to learn in high school.

    im not former gifted student. i am still gifted. put me in a fourth grade class i'll annihilate them all like i did the first time

    Twitter: @grovymango

    In case you'd like to chuckle through your tears and relive the glory days, here are 41 tweets that might make you both laugh and feel smart.


    he was a boy, she was his mom can i make it anymore oedipus

    Twitter: @drivingmemadi


    police officer: there’s a dead body in your basement schrödinger: [sighing] well there is now

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    Twitter: @vivafalastin


    Me: Please contact me with any questions, always happy to discuss. My students:

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    Twitter: @the_MerMae


    achilles would have gotten his shit absolutely rocked by a razor scooter

    Twitter: @HeavenlyGrandpa


    Password must contain at least one capital letter, one number, two female characters, they must both have names, and they must talk to each other about something other than a man.

    Twitter: @molly_kessler


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    "So, Gregor, you awoke one morning from uneasy dreams to find yourself transformed in your bed into a monstrous vermin. That's nuts. Tell me more about that."

    Twitter: @zachsilberberg


    hitman: who am I killing? dog: ever hear of a guy named pavlov? hitman: rings a bell dog: that's right

    Twitter: @Browtweaten


    How to escape the minotaur's labyrinth (thread 🧵)

    Twitter: @linguiniiiii


    dr frankenstein: it’s alive! igor: great! what should we name him dr frankenstein: uh we won’t igor: idk might lead to some confusion dr frankenstein: it will literally never come up

    Twitter: @TheHyyyype


    "I’m having this problem where the corpse I stored under my floorboards is making a weird heartbeat sound and was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if you know any tips, tricks, quick fixes etc"



    Scout Finch walking by her neighbor’s house:

    Twitter: @veryharryhill



    "What's jay gatsby's favorite superhero? the green lantern. what's his least favorite?  deadpool." reply: "get out." reply: "shouldve told gatsby that when he was in the pool"


    @linguiniiiii @fanie_nani Add it to the Hall of Fame with this one

    Twitter: @Dukiswa


    There are two wolves inside you. One is Virginia Woolf. The other is Beowulf. You are an Introduction to English Literature syllabus.

    Twitter: @osutein


    Ladyes yf he -ys alwayes goinge to anothir countrye -ys obsessid wyth treasure -doth brag constantlye about havinge the strengthe of thirtye peple -hath slayne Grendel He nys nat thy man. He ys the famouslye flawed hero Beowulf.

    Twitter: @LeVostreGC


    Rage Against the Machine? Political? Next you're going to tell me Animal Farm wasn't really written about animals

    Twitter: @NathansPuns


    scout: hi boo radley:

    Twitter: @jaboukie


    agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo / Via


    who called it Fahrenheit 451 and not English Lit

    Twitter: @_elvishpresley_


    thinking about a modern day great gatsby where instead of throwing parties he just posts indie songs on his insta story everyday hoping daisy sees and dm’s him

    Twitter: @bocxtop


    people hating on the catcher in the rye as if they never had a phase when they called adults phonies and got kicked out of school and ran around nyc and cried to a sex worker smh y’all fake

    Twitter: @rachelzegler


    white english teachers seeing 'to kill a mockingbird' is on the syllabus

    FX / Twitter: @GRUHUKEN


    "gentlemen, we are at war with troy and must not drop our guard at all" "sir, the enemy gave us a giant wooden horse" "oh rad bring it in"


    teacher: you're currently failing english, are you reading for extra credit? me: i'm reading Animal Farm, the author is so good teacher: orwell? me: yeah [sweating] i meant the author is so well

    Twitter: @daemonic3


    for me the most relatable character in Pride & Prejudice is Lady Catherine, who has never studied or played music but is confident that if she had, she would have been great at it.

    Twitter: @SketchesbyBoze


    Emily Bronte truly put her entire Brontussy into Wuthering Heights with "you say I killed you, haunt me then"

    Twitter: @zoyaranii


    No no you misheard me—I said Jane Eyre is a PROBLEM-ATTIC novel

    Twitter: @Snarls_Dickens


    The Brontë sisters were the HAIM of the 1800s

    Twitter: @evilghostchild


    lol who called it The Crucible and not Subpoena the Teenage Witch

    Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


    why “be the bigger person” when you can simply drop a chandelier on the paris opera audience

    Twitter: @bookishseawitch


    sigmund freud introducing himself on the first day of class

    Twitter: @crybabyaquarius


    Freud from tumblr


    I don't know what member of the Danish royal family needs to hear this but check behind the tapestry before you stab it maybe

    Twitter: @SparkNotes


    photo of caesar pencil holder with pencils stabbed into his back captioned "#2, brute?"

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