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21 Tweets About "Monster Mash" That Made Me Cackle

It was a graveyard smash!

In case you forgot, Halloween is right around the corner. It won't be the same as usual, but there is still one thing that we can appreciate, quarantine or not: THE "MONSTER MASH."


In honor of the best Halloween song of all time, here are 21 of the best tweets about it:

1. This reminder that not even 2020 can ruin the "Monster Mash":

“Halloween is cancelled” Nah your Halloween is cancelled. Ain’t a damn thing stopping me from dressing up and shaking my ass to the Monster Mash in my house

2. This interesting point about Halloween night sex:

If you have sex on Halloween is it a monster mash or a graveyard smash?

3. And this point that's basically "weird flex but OK":

monster mash starts w a humblebrag about how late that dude stays at work

4. This joke about Dracula:

[Dracula giving his son "the talk"] Dracula: you see when two monsters love each other very much, they- Dracula's son: they do the mash Dracula: *nodding* they do the monster mash

5. This great suggestion for the song's usage:

[puts on a song to set the mood] date: this the monster mash?

6. This comparison to another legendary song:

7. And this EVEN BETTER one:

When I was, A young boy, My father, Took me into the city, To see a monster mash

8. And this somewhat less favorable comparison:

monster mash: - old - overrated - no references to judaism werewolf bar mitzvah: - spooky - scary - boys becoming men - men becoming wolves

9. This good point:

monster mash is the only song with a rave review right in its own lyrics

10. This very accurate description of what happens when you're trying to concentrate:

Me: Gotta concentrate in this lecture My brain: HE DID THE MASH Me: HE DID THE MONSTER MASH Brain: THE MONSTER MASH Me: IT WAS A GRAVEYA

11. This joke that made me hungry:

[Cop in a crypt kitchen] “One more time, Mr Frankenstein. What exactly did they steal?” “They took the mash?” “They took the monster mash?” “The monster mash” [cop, nodding knowledgeably at the broken tombstones] “It was a graveyard smash”

12. And this reminder that the "Monster Mash" is not even the real Monster Mash — it's just about a Monster Mash:

Much like the eponymous film "Infinite Jest" inside the world of Infinite Jest, the Monster Mash is no— [gets dragged off stage with a cane]

13. And this suggestion that it's all a conspiracy:

oh the monster mash is just a dance? yeah that's exactly what the government wants you to think

14. This fun lyrics joke:

they did the mash they did the monster mash the monster mash it was a

15. This troubling realization:

It's that time of year again where I remind you all that there's no evidence in the text that the Monster Mash takes place on Halloween. It's just a fun party for monsters that could be in April for all we know.

16. This wonderful suggestion:

Why do they play the national anthem before sporting events when they could just play the monster mash

17. And this even better one:

can't stop thinking about a horror movie where you know somebody is about to be killed because Monster Mash starts playing

18. This questionable claim:

Probably only around half the stuff in the monster mash actually happened

19. This relatable sentiment:

imagine hearing monster mash for the first time. i would give anything

20. This "Monster Mash" mashup (see what I did there?):

21. And finally, this reminder that not even famous musicians are immune to the song's charm:

I just did the mash... I did the Monster Mash.. Bitch.