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I've Hidden My Wavy Hair For A Decade — Today I Try A Cult-Favorite Product For Wavy Hair

Let's see if it's too good to be true!

Hellooooo, party people! My name is Hannah, and I have a confession: I have wavy hair. But not like...pretty wavy hair. More like a frizzy, poufy mess.

Me with frizzy waves
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

This is one of the few photos I could find of my natural hair texture, and it's from that time I accidentally turned my hair green.

When I was younger, I had stick-straight hair. As I grew up, it got a tiny bit wavier, and then one day it just...changed. Into the rat's nest I have today.

Me with straight hair, then frizzy curls
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

Don't get me wrong — I think curly hair is gorgeous. But my hair texture has never known quite what it wanted to be. Some of it would be curly, some of it would be wavy, some of it would be straight, and the rest of it would be literally a frizzy pouf.

I pretty much always blow it dry, but I decided — against my own wishes — to let my hair air-dry and take another picture for the purposes of this post. Be warned — it's not pretty.

Me with frizzy wavy hair
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

Also, don't @ me telling me my hair is damaged. We know this. But also, as I have stated, my hair has always had the texture of frayed wire spun into cotton candy. However, I will say that since my most recent dye job, my hair has curled less easily, so I was a little worried about whether this product would work at all. 

I'm obsessed with Brad Mondo on YouTube, and I've seen his "Wavetech" product alllll over TikTok and YouTube. So I decided, what the hell? Might as well give it a go!

Brad showing off the product
Brad Mondo / YouTube / Via

In the past, I have tried scrunching it with Bumble and Bumble's Surf Styling Leave In; while it definitely gives my curls definition, it gives them a bit of a permanently wet, slightly crunchy look, and I want something softer.

Now I will be following Brad's tips as seen in this video from last year. In the video, Brad uses a mannequin with naturally straight hair, but I've seen some amazing transformations of people with curly hair in one of his "reacts" videos.

Brad reacting in excitement to girl with curly hair
Brad Mondo / YouTube / Via

So here we go! I started with wet hair, as per Brad's instructions. He suggested leaving it pretty soaked, just not quite dripping. That felt too wet to me, so I ended up using a T-shirt to towel-dry my hair a bit. Then I took a large-tooth comb, put a BUNCH of product on it as Brad suggested, and went to town brushing my hair!

Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

Please excuse my facial expressions here. I have a very expressive face.

Brad suggested not stopping until it literally feels and sounds as if you still have shampoo in your hair, which I did. Like, you can see how saturated my hair is:

Me brushing through my hair, showing how saturated in product it is
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

He also suggested sectioning and flipping over the top portion of your hair to make sure you coat the bottom. After that, you basically just go to town scrunching.

Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

I felt as if it was 2007 all over again. Also, excuse me occasionally talking in these GIFs. IDK why I thought I was a famous beauty YouTuber for a moment.

Brad also suggested "twisting" pieces — aka twisting them around your finger and holding them in a coil for a second, then releasing them.

Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

I honestly didn't feel that this worked that well, mostly because my hair was still so wet, but it worked a bit!

For an extra ~oomph~, Brad also suggested clipping your hair up at the roots once it gets a little drier. That way, you get extra volume.

Part of my hair clipped up at the root
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

You can already see at this point, maybe an hour after I originally put product in, that a lot of my hair has waved up! The front of my hair was mostly dry, but the sides and the back were still pretty wet.

And then you just wait for it to dry! This is how my hair looked after it dried completely.

Wavy hair
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

I clipped back my bangs because, being the healthiest (since they're the shortest) part of my hair, they curled up a ton and I looked as if I was auditioning for Christine in The Phantom of the Opera.

Me with curly bangs and Christine from Phantom of the Opera with curly hair by her face
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed, The Show Must Go On! / YouTube / Via

Obscure reference? I don't care.

Now, was it frizz-free? Definitely not. But again, I'm working with super-damaged hair here, and honestly, I didn't think the frizz was noticeable if you weren't close up and under harsh bathroom lighting. I also think it was better than when I've scrunched my hair with other products.

Me with wavy hair
Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

My hair also felt pretty soft, especially in comparison with the effects of past gels and mousses I have used. I was pretty shocked, considering how much product I applied.

Here it is in action, and here are my final thoughts!

Hannah Marder / BuzzFeed

I really liked the way this made my hair look! It definitely worked, and the waves it gave me were really cute. I will say that starting with very wet hair meant that my hair took a VERY long time to dry — in the future, I might try using a diffuser to help. Also, I kind of had to keep scrunching it for a super-long time because otherwise it felt as if the weight of my wet hair might make it lose the curl as it dried. I'm also concerned that given how much product I had to use, I might run out quickly. But overall, I much preferred this to gels and creams I've used in the past, and I'm pretty pleased with the product overall!

If you're interested, you can buy the product here. And check out more of Brad's videos here! And of course, be sure to let me know what you think of the product in the comments below!