50 Things In Other Countries That The US Doesn't Have That Prove Everyone Else Is Living In The Year 3023

    In Europe, you can literally rent a goldfish companion!!!

    1. This train in Japan has a car just for women, so you can feel safer if you're traveling alone.

    2. This movie theater in China has free massage chairs as seats — AND charging ports for your phone.

    3. At Disneyland in Hong Kong, the rails while you're waiting in line for a ride have fold-down chairs.

    4. Some takeout places in China and Korea deliver food in clay or otherwise reusable dishes, then come pick them up later.

    5. This hospital room in England has a fake window projected on its ceiling.

    6. Korean crosswalks use lights on the ground to help make crosswalks safer, especially for people who might be looking down at their phones.

    7. And these crosswalks in Israel have seats to sit in while you're waiting.

    8. This bench at a bus stop in South Korea is not only heated, but also has wireless charging for your phone.

    9. There are solar-powered wireless phone chargers by some benches in Tel Aviv.

    10. This Hong Kong hotel literally gives you a local phone to use while you're there...with a hotspot.

    11. This bathroom in Tokyo shows you exactly which stalls are taken.

    12. This grocery store in France has shopping carts with a map of the store on them.

    13. The carts at this German supermarket have a place to lock your phone.

    14. Some Australian supermarkets have the simple (yet surprisingly rare in the US) innovation of cupholders.

    15. This UK supermarket has a way to indicate that a cart with a less-than-stellar wheel performance needs fixing.

    16. This Mexican grocery store has different bins for avocados that are ripe today and ones that will be ripe tomorrow.

    17. This grocery store in Finland has parking spots for dogs while their humans are shopping inside.

    18. This Dunkin' Donuts in Georgia (the country, not the state) has mulled wine.

    19. Obviously we could only have this in very specific areas of the US, but this hotel phone in Iceland has an option where it will wake you up if there are northern lights visible so you can go look at them.

    20. Remotes in Peru have a specific button if you want to watch soccer.

    21. This bank in China shows exactly how many people will be working at any given time, so you know when a better time to come in might be, or at least get a better idea of wait time.

    A sign has times listed with nondescript icons indicating how many people are working at each time

    22. This Swiss train has a playground on board for people traveling with kids.

    23. And the trains in the Czech Republic have bottle openers by their seats.

    24. Aaand this train in Germany actually has designated floor areas for your luggage.

    The floor next to a seat has a section in a different color with a suitcase icon on it

    25. This might be a *little* dystopian, but this Chinese vending machine scans your face for payment so you don't have to use a physical card.

    26. Some towns in Italy have free water — including cold water and carbonated water.

    A public water fountain has spouts labeled natural, fresh, and sparkling

    27. All "pay" phones in Australia are free.

    28. Spanish washing machines actually have settings for when you stain your clothes with tomato or wine.

    29. This French street has a condom dispenser on it.

    30. And this vending machine in Spain not only stocks condoms, but lube too.

    31. This Australian McDonald's literally has a library in it.

    32. And you can go to a McDonald's that looks like a quaint little house in Brazil.

    33. This Vancouver store leaves their empty cash register drawer on the floor by the front door to show that there is no money to steal so there are no break-ins overnight.

    34. Germany literally has vending machines for contact lenses.

    35. Tokyo has "snack vendors" on wheels with no human workers.

    An unmanned robot on wheels rolls across a crosswalk while carrying snacks and sauces

    36. This fire hydrant in Japan is not only on the ground — it has a cute little design indicating what it's for.

    A pane built into the ground shows a cartoon of two firefighters spraying water out of a hose

    37. This Korean pho place offers free hair ties so you can tie back your hair while you eat.

    38. You can get fries from a vending machine in Slovenia.

    39. And you can get pizza from a vending machine in France.

    40. As well as dumplings from a vending machine in Osaka.

    41. In Germany, there are literally meat vending machines.

    42. Portugal disguises cell phone towers as trees.

    43. These busy roads in Canada have bridges specifically for animals that need to cross the street, so that fewer animals are hit by cars.

    44. Greece has bottles where the cap stays attached to the top so you don't drop or lose it.

    45. In Hong Kong, you get paper with your gum, so you have something to spit it out into.

    46. Instead of using "wet floor" signs in Hong Kong, they use projections.

    A light shines on the floor that says wet floor

    47. This supermarket in Hong Kong literally has a tiny Ikea in it.

    48. Korean cop cars have signs that display traffic notices.

    49. This hotel in Europe lets you rent a pet fish if you get lonely.

    50. And finally, many places — like India, Denmark, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam — have traffic lights with countdowns on them.

    A traffic light displays the normal red, yellow, and green light, and next to it is a digital display that counts down how long it will be until the light changes