39 Wildly Entitled, Selfish, And Creepy Neighbors Who Decided They Were The Only People On Their Street That Mattered

    Including someone who shot an ARROW through their neighbor's window.

    1. This neighbor was DONE with Halloween on November 1, and I feel like they're the kind of people who play Christmas music in November.

    "Halloween is over!"

    2. This neighbor might have to be reported to the FBI.

    A bone in someone's yard

    3. These "neighbors" (I feel like it's definitely just one person) got real heated about fake plants.

    "we have decided to grant you 2 days to remove the selected plants from your porch."

    4. This neighbor literally uses a giant grabber to steal avocados from a neighbor's tree, and this feels like a Dr. Doofenshmirtz scheme.

    5. This neighbor certainly sent a message.

    "My neighbor tied his dog's shit on my fence"

    6. This person tried to gently ask that their neighbors keep it down, and got this response.

    "Solution is buy ear plugs"

    7. These neighbors did NOT start off on the right foot.

    Downed power lines

    8. This neighbor just let their dog go wherever.

    arrow pointing to a dog

    9. As did this neighbor, clearly.

    broken internet cord chewed by dog

    10. This person clearly cared about the children, based on the wording of their message and the fact that it was posted for all to see.

    note telling people having sex to be quiet using vulgar language

    11. This neighbor was just a major jerk.

    neighbor parks over 2 spots to reserve one for his wife

    12. I can't fault someone for looking after an animal's welfare, but this is just WAY too far.

    screenshot of a text exchange about a neighbor being annoyed someone has their dog in a crate even though the dog is quiet

    13. I'm actually terrified of this neighbor who sent a dog owner in their building a threatening anonymous note.

    note "Something bad is going to happen to your dog if you don't get it's barking under control"

    14. This neighbor got their entirely unnecessary tomato sauce revenge.

    tomato sauce smeared on a car door after someone parked in a visitor spot

    15. This neighbor was trying to prove something with this obnoxious fence.

    a neighbor's fence intruding on someone else's yard

    16. This neighbor was just a massive creep.

    a camera in a tree

    17. This neighbor combined the last two by one-upping their neighbor's fence AND installing a camera.

    a camera on someone's fence

    18. I'm willing to bet "a lot of us" is just the one neighbor who's upset about a shed.

    note saying neighbors don't like the shed someone has put up in their yard

    19. Is your neighbor Robin Hood???

    An arrow in someone's wall

    20. This neighbor needs to learn basic decency.

    bags of garbage in a hallway

    21. As does this neighbor.

    dirty shoes in a hallway

    22. This neighbor was certainly not in the Thanksgiving spirit.

    A note attached to someone's door during a small Friendsgiving

    23. This neighbor is a genuine menace.

    a bullet hole in someone's ceiling

    24. This person apparently thought no one was allowed to close their van doors in the morning.

    note that says "Stop slamming your van doors!" and threatens filing a complaint

    25. This person uses their neighbor's lawn as a trash bin.

    Food in someone's yard

    26. This person sneakily drained their pool into their neighbor's yard.

    "Neighbor is draining their pool into our yard" with a hose circled

    27. This neighbor decided part of the street belonged to them despite not actually having any claim to it.

    note saying cars parking on a public street will be towed because that's where the person writing the note likes to park

    28. This neighbor was just petty.

    lights shining into bedroom windows with a note saying the neighbor does it because they think the AC is too loud

    29. These neighbors are giving The Great Gatsby, and not in a good way.

    "My neighbor's new light" with a bright green light

    30. And while bright lights can be annoying, spray painting over them is a new low.

    a house light with black spray paint on it

    31. This neighbor apparently always blocks OP's driveway, so they put up a "do not block" sign — that the neighbor then tried to rip down.

    A man ripping down a sign

    32. This neighbor needs to calm down.

    arrow pointing to a car in the dark captioned "my neighbor idling his loud POS mustang at 4:30am"

    33. This neighbor is apparently unbothered by the massive amount of grass he leaves on the street after mowing.

    "The way my neighbor mows his lawn" with grass all over the street

    34. This neighbor was a major a-hole.

    a truck blocking a car in their spot

    35. I am just scratching my head at this neighbor.

    a pile of rocks at the end of someone's driveway

    36. This neighbor forgot other people lived in the building.

    trash next to someone's door

    37. This neighbor thought of no one but themselves.

    neighbor blocking another car in

    38. This neighbor was just wildly annoying.

    "How my new neighbor parks" with car mostly on the street and sidewalk

    39. And finally, this is actually someone who lives in the same dorm, not quite a neighbor, but I had to include it — because this person literally pepper sprayed their entire dorm.

    message saying someone accidentally released pepper spray in dorm

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating