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What's The Biggest Culture Shock You Experienced When Marrying Into A Wealthy Family?

Spill allllll the dirt on your rich in-laws.

People born into money live in a bubble that most people don't ever really get to experience, even if they make a lot of money in their lifetime. Really the only "regular" people who get to really experience what it's like are people who marry into these old money families.

So if you married into a wealthy or powerful family...we want to hear your story. What is it like? What kind of culture shock did you experience?

What surprised you the most about rich people? Maybe it's the things they hire people to do for them — like washing their feet or applying sunscreen.

Maybe it's just the way they act and the things they talk about at family gatherings. Is it like they speak in some secret language you need to decode? Do they use terms that you can only guess at the meaning of?

Maybe it's just the sheer opulence of the items they have in their home or the lavishness of the vacations they take.

Whatever your experience has been, we want to hear about it. Tell us your story in the comments below — or via this anonymous form — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.