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What Music Video Made You Realize How Dark A Song Was?

It's time to talk about the "Savin' Me" music video.

We all love singing along to fun pop songs on the radio. Honestly, I don't always pay much attention to what the song is about.


But sometimes when I see the music video, I realize the song is...actually SUPER dark.


For example, I didn't even realize how dark "Habits (Stay High)" was until I saw the super depressing music video.

a girl in a club looking high as someone kisses her neck
UMG (on behalf of Universal Music AB) / Via

It's all about a girl who — you guessed it — needs to stay high because she can't handle being sober.

I don't think I quite got how political and dark "This is America" was until I saw the music video.

SME, [Merlin] Liberation Music (on behalf of Wolf+Rothstein / Liberator Music)

It's all about race and gun violence in America, which is not something I realized the first time I listened to the song!

And the music video for "Savin' Me," which is basically about counting down to people's Heavy stuff.

An old women being put on an ambulance with a counter of 6 seconds above her head
WMG / Via

This is actually one of my favorite music videos.

I knew "Love the Way You Lie" was dark, but then I saw the music video and was like...holy shit.

Aftermath Records

Some messed-up stuff.

What music video made YOU realize how dark a song was? Or is there a music video that you found to be especially disturbing? Let us know what the song/music video is and what about it is so dark in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!