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28 Disgusting, Depressing, And Downright Disturbing Facts So That You Have Something To Share To Make You The Least Popular Person At Your Next Social Gathering

Read if you dare.

Now, I love learning new things. So when I saw that u/CallofDutysVeryOwn had asked people on Reddit for the most disturbing facts they knew, I was intrigued...


Until I actually read them, of course. I am now scarred for life, and I'd like you all to be, too. Here are 33 bone-chilling facts that are now rattling around in my head for the next time my brain's looking for a new nightmare.


1. You may be traveling with more than just the living on your next cruise. Turns out a good number of old people die on cruises — and accidents happen — meaning that all cruise liners have a morgue on board.

Darrin Klimek / Getty Images

Suggested by u/Comfortable_Pea246

2. You probably know that a ton of people have died trying to climb Mount Everest, but what you don't likely know is that many of their bodies and belongings are used as trail markers.

mount everest
LAKPA SHERPA/AFP via Getty Image

Suggested by u/KatTtocs

3. One climber, David Sharp, actually began to freeze to death so close to where another frozen body "landmark" was that 40 people passed by him without helping him. By the time someone realized the body was actually the still-alive Sharp, it was too late.

people hiking on mount everest

4. The last execution by guillotine was in 1977.

a guillotine
Enrique Ramos López / Getty Images/EyeEm

Suggested by u/Emuwar_veteran

5. Speaking of execution method the ancient Romans used involved beating people and then sewing them into a bag with a live dog, snake, monkey, and chicken, and throwing them into the ocean.

Universal Pictures

Suggested by u/CornChip2008

6. During the bubonic plague, people sometimes reported hearing strange gurgling noises coming from inside their lesions.

buboes on plague patient
Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images

Suggested by u/GreinBR

7. Did you know that there's a pretty high likelihood that a brutal murderer gets away with their crime? That's right, folks — almost 40% of US murders go unsolved.

police car with lights on and caution tape
Kali9 / Getty Images

Suggested by u/juanlee337

8. And the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States is murder — in fact, they're twice as likely to die from murder than complications arising from their pregnancy.

pregnant woman holding her belly
Oscar Wong / Getty Images

Suggested by Muchado_aboutnothing

9. A kid under the age of 15 dies every five seconds around the world — mostly from preventable causes.

Capchure / Getty Images

Suggested by HolyRamenEmperor

10. We lose 25,000 people a day to hunger, including 10,000 children.

person holding out empty bowl
Stas_v / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Suggested by petethewizard

In fact, the reason people die of hunger is not because there is not enough food in the world, but because of the way food is distributed, meaning not everyone gets enough. Even worse, 1.3 billion tons are wasted or lost every year.

discarded food
Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Getty Images

11. Babies used to be operated on without anesthesia because doctors believed they can't feel pain. Like...up until the 1980s.

newborn baby hand
Vladimir Nenov / Getty Images/EyeEm

Suggested by u/crusnic_zero

12. You've heard of zoos, right? Well, did you know that many countries – including the US — had human zoos?

poster for a french colonial exhibition
Fine Art Images/Heritage Images / Getty Images

Suggested by u/theol9

These were basically small fake villages where Indigenous peoples from different places — often Africa — would live in an exaggerated version of the culture these (mostly white) countries thought they lived in. Many of them died in these villages.

people in a colonial exhibition
Keystone-France\Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

13. Sometimes, people would be displayed in cages, often naked. One man was displayed with an orangutan in the Bronx Zoo, suggesting he was an evolutionary link between orangutans and modern humans.

another poster for an "indigenous village"
Apic / Getty Images

14. In the 16th and 17th centuries, many Europeans would consume "medicines" made from human corpses that were supposed to cure a number of different maladies.


Suggested by u/Heikold

Some were from burial sites, stolen from gravediggers — other medicines were made from mummies stolen from Egypt. They'd crumble them and create tinctures as well as make powders out of skulls.

Universal Pictures

15. Ground mummies were also used in paint for a color that became known as "mummy brown."


Suggested by u/_AsboHoody

16. Have you ever gotten the feeling you're about to die? Don't ignore it or brush it off so easily.


Suggested by u/weeb_not_weaboo

A "sense of impending doom" is actually a symptom of a few different conditions and medical issues, including receiving the wrong type of blood in a blood transfusion.

blood bags
Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

17. You could have an unruptured brain aneurysm right now and not be aware of it, and it could rupture at any time.

scan of brain aneurysm
Sciepro / Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

Suggested by u/SalFunction12

18. It's rare, but cracking/popping your neck could cause you to have a stroke.

man cracking his neck
Ranta Images / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Suggested by u/ZeroEffoertneeded

19. There's no effective treatment for rabies once the virus has taken hold. Rabies' mortality rate (99.9%) is higher than any other disease on Earth.


Suggested by u/I-am-here-what-next

20. This one may seem small, but it's pretty darn disturbing to me — someone who loves oysters. Basically, if you've ever had a cloudy oyster, that means it was full of sperm.

plate of oysters
Grant Tiffen / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Suggested by u/Shemagen

21. Another small but creepy fact — king cobras can growl.

king cobra
Amith Nag Photography / Getty Images

Suggested by u/poizunman206

22. Also, the venom of some snakes can make your blood clot so quickly that it basically turns it to jelly.

Rithwik Photography / Getty Images

Suggested by u/dayison2

23. Adult otters sometimes rape and kill other otters as well as baby seals. They also engage in necrophilia, and some male otters hold mama otters' children hostage.

baby otters

Suggested by u/Strange_Industry_941

24. This isn't quite as bad, but squirrels aren't herbivores — they're omnivores. They sometimes attack, kill, and eat other animals — like chipmunks, for some species of squirrel.

Zen Rial / Getty Images

Suggested by u/BroodyBatman

25. Did you know that male chicks of layer hens don't grow up to produce good chicken meat? As they can't be raised for slaughter or lay eggs, days-old male chicks are often shredded alive or suffocated.

baby chicks
Danchooalex / Getty Images

Suggested by u/Tobester2005

26. Starfish often digest food outside of their bodies. Basically, it extends its stomach out and secretes enzymes that digest and liquefy the prey, and then absorb it into their body.


Suggested by u/Takotsuboredom

27. If you have a dog, you probably find it pretty cute when they're playing with their squeaky toy. You might, then, be horrified to know that dogs are into squeaky toys because they emit sounds that are similar to those of small prey.

ripped dog toy
iStockphoto / Getty Images

Suggested by u/Xcell-antGuy

And they shake the toy back and forth because that's how wild dogs and wolves would kill their prey.

dog with toy
iStockphoto / Getty Images

Suggested by u/zacharinosaur

28. And finally...this is what a horse foot looks like without the hoof. Sorry.

u/Protegeus / Reddit / Via

Suggested by u/Karlobo