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53 Photos That Prove The US Is SOOOOOO Behind When It Comes To, Well, Everything

What if we kissed in the Kyoto Starbucks? ๐Ÿฅบ ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ

1. I need to go to this bar in Mexico with swings for chairs immediately.

Swing bar stools with ropes suspended from the ceiling in a rustic-themed bar

2. This bar in the UK with N64s at every table is also very retro and cool.

Person plays N64 under wall-mounted controllers; a social gaming setup at a bar

3. Did you know they have SELF-DRIVING BUSES in Norway???

Autonomous yellow shuttle with open door on cobblestone street; no people visible

4. I don't understand why every airport (like this one in Paris) doesn't have gaming systems. What else am I supposed to do on a layover?

Arcade gaming area at Paris Airport with multiple video game machines

5. Why the heck doesn't every airport (like this one in Estonia) have a little library for you to borrow books from, instead of having to buy a new copy for over $20 from an airport store?

Sign at an airport inviting travelers to take a book from a book exchange and the hashtags

6. Book vending machines โ€” like this one in Romania โ€” should also be adopted everywhere.

Book vending machine filled with various titles, including works by Victor Suvorov and Joe Navarro

7. This sign (on an English train) that updates in real time, telling you how full each train car is, would actually be a godsend while traveling.

Digital display showing train loading indicator with seat availability in each carriage

8. This restaurant in Prague that delivers beers by train car is a must-visit.

A model train delivering drinks on a track in a restaurant, with a person photographing it

9. As is this really cool underground church in Poland that literally has a train go through it.

Visitors seated on benches in a dimly lit underground salt mine chapel with ornate carvings

10. This projected crosswalk in Russia is actually such a good idea.

A snowy street at night with a pedestrian crossing and warning signs

11. All Starbucks should be this pretty.

A bustling street scene with traditional wooden buildings and pedestrians walking

12. The interior of Kyoto Starbucks are really cool, too.

Traditional Japanese tatami room setup with low table, floor cushions, and tea set

13. And all McDonald's should be this cool โ€” aka, like this one in New Zealand built out of an old airplane.

Airplane-shaped McDonald's restaurant above parked cars at a unique dining location

14. This hostel made out of an old airplane in Sweden is also so cool to me.

A compact cruise ship cabin with an upper and lower bunk bed and ladder

15. I definitely need to check out this hostel in Costa Rica, where rooms are made of recycled concrete cylinders, STAT.

Circular pod-like structure with glass front built into a treehouse setting, surrounded by foliage

16. This stray cat hostel in Slovenia is so, so cute, and gives cats a place to hide out from the elements.

Small green wooden shelter labeled "Stray Cat Hostel" with multiple compartments for cats

17. EVERY train should have window-facing seats like this one in Japan, especially for scenic journeys.

Passengers on a train with a scenic view of trees through the window

18. Also, why doesn't every train (like this one in Switzerland) have a kid's play area complete with a slide?

Children's play area inside a train carriage with seats, a slide, and playful decorations

19. You can bike to charge your phone at the Montreal airport, and honestly, I think it's kind of genius.

Two people at standing desks using laptops, partially obscured by the desk design

20. Though swinging to charge your phone, like at this train station in the Netherlands, is even cooler.

A person is swinging on an indoor public swing set with a logo that reads "NS" at a train station

21. This train in China is giving Hogwarts great hall, and I'm here for it.

Commuters stand and sit inside a train with overhead handles, one person is reading a newspaper

22. This bus in Estonia would also be so cool to travel on.

Interior of a bus with passengers seated and standing handholds evident, nighttime outside

23. Why don't more countries do this??? Be like Finland, America.

Button with thumb-up icon to request bus stop

24. It is my sincerest wish that all urinals be as pretty as these ones in Denmark.

Two unique urinals designed to resemble open red flowers with yellow interiors

25. Or they should be fun โ€” you can literally play a game with where you aim your pee in this bathroom in Japan.

A video game screen mounted above a urinal in a restroom

26. In British Columbia, benches have cute stands with umbrellas in case it's raining.

An umbrella hangs above a park bench, attached to a lamp post, in an outdoor setting at dusk

27. TIL you can get freshly squeezed orange juice from a VENDING MACHINE at some bus stations in Mexico.

An orange juice vending machine with fresh oranges and a juicing mechanism

28. Similarly, at the Pisa train station, you can get coffee so fresh it literally grinds the beans in front of you.

A coffee vending machine with buttons for selecting different beverages,

29. In the Netherlands, traffic lights show you when a bus is approaching, which is next level.

Traffic light for buses displaying a red light with "WACHT" sign illuminated, indicating wait, next to a road

30. As someone who constantly thinks about the worst-case scenario, this feature in a Denmark bus would do a LOT for my peace of mind.

Bus glass button in the middle of the window

31. Have you ever seen a mini-fridge that's literally built into the wall??? Because that's just normal at this hostel in Brussels.

A small pet door is open in a house with a larger door ajar to the right

32. If this Hong Kong hotel can give out free phones with data and free calling to five countries to visitors, why can't American hotels do the same?

Hotel smartphone for free internet and calls charging on the stand

33. I'm also kind of obsessed with this chocolate factory that looks like a chocolate bar in Kyoto.

Building facade resembling a bar of chocolate, with "meiji" sign in front

34. Every single airport (like this one in Munich) should have places where you can pay to nap.

Private sleeping pods, labeled "napcabs," in an airport lounge

35. And every hotel should have room numbers on the floor (like this one in Norway), so you don't end up wandering and confused like I always do.

Narrow hotel hallway with room numbers visible, leading toward a distant exit sign

36. Solar-powered charging benches should 100% be a thing worldwide, and not just in certain countries, like this one in Germany.

Solar panel bench for charging phones with USB ports

37. Apparently, there are a ton of permanent ping pong tables in parks in Europe, and I'm very jealous.

Outdoor ping pong table made of metal and concrete, situated on grass near a fence. No persons in the image

38. In the UK, there are buses where you can have footrests.

Sign on bus seat reads "if someone needs the seat, be a sweet and remove your feet" with a graphic of shoes on a seat

39. In Japan, there are women-only train cars.

Sign on train indicating 'Women Only' carriage during specified times

40. Listing the languages each front desk person speaks at a hotel (like this one in Paris) would make everything SO much easier.

List of hotel front desk officers with their spoken languages including French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic

41. This plane on a trip in Norway had little stands to hold your phone, so you could just watch that instead of dealing with behind-the-seat TVs that might be broken and require wired headphones.

Airplane seat back with tray table closed and literature pocket containing a menu

42. Every baggage claim should be a roulette wheel (like this one in Frankfurt).

Baggage claim area at an airport with conveyor belts and numbered stations

43. Apparently there are "plant libraries" in the Netherlands where you can get free propagations or trade plants...or drop plants off to go to better homes, if you're like me and can't keep a plant alive if your own life depended on it.

Variety of potted plants on top of a small white cabinet with a sign, beside a waterway

44. This Mexico City library might be the coolest library I've ever seen.

Multi-level library shelves filled with books, accessing walkways and labeled columns

45. This train in Japan literally has a mini Japanese garden in it, and I can't even imagine seeing something so pretty on any trains in New York where I live.

Person reflected in a mirror within a traditionally styled room with decorative plants and seating

46. This UK hotel with a spectacular bath that fills from the CEILING is definitely going on my travel list.

Ornate bedroom with copper bathtub, large bed with canopy, and exposed brick walls

47. Honestly, more college bars could use a vomit sink, like this one in Germany.

Public restroom with writings and a drawing on wall above toilet, hand dryer to the right

48. Naming hotel floors like this (at this hotel in Germany) is actually genius, considering I constantly forget what floor I'm staying on when it's just a number.

Elevator panel with buttons for cities around the world, such as Mexico, Tokyo, and New York, instead of floor numbers

49. The pool-themed bathroom at a hotel in Vienna is so visually pleasing to me.

Public bathroom with upside-down fixtures and ceiling resembling a bathroom floor

50. Apparently in Japan, there's a little plastic thingy to help you pull Pringles out of the box, and this would revolutionize eating Pringles for me.

A hand holding a cylindrical pringles container with a plastic tab poking out to bring all the chips up

51. In this city in Switzerland, if you have a visual impairment you can "see" the layout of a city from this model.

View of a river with a cityscape in the background and a miniature scale model of buildings in the foreground

52. In Singapore, if you're older or have a disability, you receive a card you can scan that gives you a longer time to cross the street.

Pedestrian signal button with a sign above instructing to tap for longer crossing time, and an arrow indicating where to tap

53. And finally, this hotel with a map of the city (Iloilo city in the Philippines) is actually so clever and cool.

A long, narrow hotel corridor with a map on the carpet

What's the coolest thing you've seen while traveling that isn't a tourist sight or destination itself? Let us know in the comments!